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When it comes to an army, everybody wants to know about its life and especially the youngsters have the curiosity about it who want to join the army. Those who have the interest in knowing the defense systems of the country, also take keen in studying army life. Army officers are usually the ideal personalities for the young people. The youngsters want to spend their professional life same as that of  the army officer. The way they speak, their uniform, the academy and military life, the discipline etc attract the young people. Mostly People want to know how an army officer spends his life and what benefits and rank he gets throughout his career. So, I have made the following post for those people who want to know about the life of youngest commissioned officer, the second lieutenant rank.

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What is a Second Lieutenant

The following post covers the life of Pakistani 2nd lieutenant, although all the second lieutenants all around the world spend this period same as that of Pakistani 2nd lieutenant.

Cadet To Second Lieutenant 

After a training of two years in Pakistan Military Academy (PMA), which includes physical training, military study training along with disciplinary training, the gentleman cadet becomes a second lieutenant at the passing out parade which takes place at PMA. The second lieutenants go into their respective units in few days after passing out parade. The cadet who remains on the top position in PMA is awarded the prestigious honor “sword of honor”. Those cadets who have scored best and came in the list of top ten cadets while training and studying at PMA are given the choice to go into the Corps of their own choice. The examples of corps are armoured corps (fight with tanks), artillery corps (fight with cannons).

Promotion Criteria

The second lieutenant holds this rank for about six months. These six months are the ‘’time in service’’ duration for the second lieutenant to get promoted. Every second lieutenant has to meet this time in service criteria for his promotion. 100 percent of these officers meet this criterion and get promoted to lieutenant. These six months are the strict months with respect to the disciplined life of this young officer. This is the best period for him in his career because he is young and energetic at this stage. Usually, this young officer is 20 years old at this stage.

2nd Lieutenant Rank Insignia/Badge

The Pak army second lieutenant insignia or badge contains only one square in which there is "emblem of Pakistan army" or logo. This whole thing is called pip. Also, there is a button on one side of the badge for its attachment with the uniform.

second lieutenant army rank
Adjutant is leading the cadets in passing out parade

Duties Of Second Lieutenant

The second lieutenant is in charge of a platoon in the Pakistan army. The platoon contains platoon Havaldar (Sergeant), which is a senior non-commissioned officer, and the soldiers in the Pak army infantry. He spends his most time with the non-commissioned officers and soldiers and perhaps has to spend long hours on duty. The platoon usually consists of 30 to 35 soldiers. Platoon is divided into two or three squads/section. Each squad contains 10 to 15 soldiers and is led by the senior non-commissioned officer like Havaldar (Sergeant). He should make himself an example for his platoon. It all depends on his behavior with the platoon. He can be the leader of the platoon by his good behavior or can mock himself by his bad attitude.
Besides this, he has also plenty of leisure time on some occasions to enjoy during these six months.

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