Next 4 Things That An Army Captain Should Do For His Success

So finally, we are on captain rank. This rank has its own charm and life along with the many challenges. It has another importance in the life of captain officer because after getting this rank, Pakistan army allows the captain for a marriage.

Lieutenant To Captain

The Captain rank is awarded to lieutenant after two and a half years or three years. The army captain is assigned to lead a platoon in the Pak army. Hence, he is a commander of a platoon. The platoon consists of many soldiers including non-commissioned officers.

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1) Promotion Criteria For Captain

There is a duration of five years in Pakistan army between the rank of a captain and a major.
During these five years, an army captain has to complete its Mid-Career Course by remaining in its unit. The infantry officers join “School of infantry and tactics” for this course. Other corps officers like armored, artillery go into their respective academies according to their corps. In Pakistan army, a captain has to spend these five years, which is the time in service requirement for him to get the promotion to the rank of a major. Beside this, a captain has to perform well throughout these five years for getting the rank of a major.

captains in the army of Pakistan
Pak army captains in PMA Kakul

2) Army Captain Duties

The army captain duties include different assignments which are assigned to him by his company commander. The infantry captain leads a Platoon which consists of 30 to 35 soldiers. These soldiers in a platoon are distributed into 2 to 3 sections according to the requirement. The company commander gives him the total responsibility of the platoon not in peacetime but also in war-time. Now, it depends upon the captain that how he utilizes his platoon in the best way.
These duties and assignments include the following things.

3) Hard Areas

In peace times, a captain may relax by completing his tasks and can get a usual leave for holidays. But in the case of wars and operations, they may get more and hard assignments and short leaves. In some cases like hard areas, they are not allowed to keep their family with themselves because it is very difficult to survive in hard areas which an army officer and soldier can bear.

4) United Nation Peace Mission

The majority of the army captains are selected for the United nation peace mission in some African countries. Some captains also go to other foreign countries like Iran, Siberia. For this purpose, the captains are required to attend the United Nation Peace keeping Course at the School of Infantry and tactics.
In Pakistan army, the leader of a Platoon  is either a lieutenant or a captain. The Platoon usually consists of 30 to 35 soldiers. So the captain is responsible for the all the activities of his platoon during peace or wartime. The captain follows the orders which he gets from the company. The head of the company is the major.

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Army Captain Badge

There are three pips or squares in the badge of an army captain, each pip contains the logo of the Pakistan army. Also, there is a button in the badge so that it can be attached to the uniform.
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