The Rival Of American AH-64 Apache Longbow From Russia - Mil Mi-28 Havoc

Mil Mi-28 Havoc

Look at the face of this angry machine. It looks like it is ready for a fight with all the weapons under its wings. The anger on the face and the long nose of this machine is quite attractive. Yes, it is showing anger for the enemy. This machine looks like a helicopter insect. And this helicopter is not an ordinary helicopter. This is the famous Russian helicopter. It is named as Mil Mi-28.
This helicopter is produced by the Top Russian factory of helicopters, Mil. This helicopter also got a nickname of Night Hunter. The NATO nicknamed it as Havoc. In the following post, I will tell you why this helicopter has importance and why it is called the competitor of AH-64 Apache.

Mil Mi-28

Design of Body 

It is purely a combat helicopter with the tandem seats (front and back seat). This Mi-28 is operated by two man crew. One is the pilot who sits in the back seat and the other is the co-pilot or gunner in the front seat. The pilot focuses on the flying of the helicopter while the gunner conducts the attack operations with the weapons.


Its weaponry is designed to destroy artillery, armor, air defense system, the mobility of troops, and helicopters.This helicopter also has defense capability. It can avoid the enemy missiles by doing maneuvers and barrel rolls.

1. Cannon

Its chin is mounted with the cannon. This cannon can fire almost 600 hundred rounds per minutes. Each round causes a destruction equal to that of a grenade. The Mi-28 can fire theses rounds and easily hit its target from a distance of 4 km. This gun helps in destroying surface targets including vehicles and enemy personnel. The biggest thing is that this gun really follows the line of the side of what pilot is looking for.

2. Missiles

Its main weapon is mounted under its wings. This weapon is called missile. There are eight places under each wing for these missiles. Hence, a total of 16 missiles can be placed under its two wings. These missiles are totally command guided missiles. Different types of missiles can be used for different operations. If the target is destroying tanks, then anti-tank missiles can be installed under the wings. If the target is another flying helicopter or cruise missiles or drones, special types of missiles can be installed under the wings. These special missiles totally help in air to air attack for Mi-28.  Amazing thing is that these missiles can be fired from a distance of 8 km.

3. Rockets

Beside these missiles, there is also a place for rocket pod under these wings. Each wing contains one rocket pod. The rocket pod contains holes inside it. The rockets are placed inside these holes. Likewise missiles, there are two types of rockets pods. A total of 10 to 40 rockets can be placed depending upon the type of rocket. These rockets are completely laser guided. These rockets help in destroying the artillery, armor, and enemy soldiers. One of the interesting things is that these rockets can destroy the concrete shelters and underground targets within the range of 2 meters. The Mi-28 can fire theses rockets and easily hit its target from a distance of 4 km.


Amazing sensors are installed on Mi-28. That’s why it gives accurate results. It includes radar system, day and night thermal images for the pilot, day and night observing system and targeting system for the gunner, TV screens in the cockpit and night vision goggles. It also has altitude sensor for knowing the altitude of the helicopter and has high accuracy mapping system.


This helicopter is the competitor of AH-64 Apache Longbow. It has all the capabilities as that of Apache. This helicopter has given quality results in many operations.

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