Here's Why The Career Of Major In The Army Is So Awesome

This rank has its own importance in the life of an army officer because the performances, command, courses, operations which are done to under this rank lead to the rank of the lieutenant colonel. The other thing that everyone should keep in his mind is that every army lieutenant officer becomes a captain but only 80 percent of the captain becomes major in the army.

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Major In the Army

This rank is awarded to an army officer after 9 or 10 years of his total service in the army. This means a passing out cadet becomes a major in the Pakistan army after 9 or 10 years. Remember theses 9 or 10 years do not include the two-year training of PMA. At the time of becoming Major, the usual age of an army officer is 29 or 30. But it should be kept in mind that it takes five years for a captain to become a major in the army.

Promotion Criteria

After becoming major, he holds this ranks for about 10 years until he becomes a lieutenant colonel. Some lucky people attain the lieutenant colonel rank in just 9 years. Theses lucky people are the hard working people and they are promoted on their performance and on the merit. One thing should be kept in mind is that for promotion, an army officer should meet the “time in service” period along with the performance. The “time in service period” for major in the army is 9 or 10 years.

Plus Points For Promotion

For becoming a lieutenant colonel, a major has to do Staff Course and Young Officers' Course apart from the operations and missions. The performance and the results of these operations are also considered while promoting a major to lieutenant colonel. The successful command of a company also helps him in his promotion.

Command Of A Major

The major is the head of a company, but he acts as a staff officer for the brigadier. He is also the second in command, 2 IC, on the battalion level. The company usually consists of same purpose army. Same purpose army means whether the company is totally artillery or infantry etc. The company does not include the combination of different units.
In the case of SSG commandos, the major in the Pakistan army is also given the authority to lead this specialized company of commandos. Thus, a major is a key element in decision making and in conducting operations.
The above things which I told you about the major life are unknown to almost all the civilian people. But here is the picture of the army majors that many of you have seen on the TV during the parade. Yes, these are the majors of the PMA Kakul and they are appointed as the Adjutant in the academy. To check and insert the quality of the discipline in the cadets is among the duties of an adjutant.

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major rank in the Pakistan army
Officers with the rank of Major serving as Adjutant in PMA Kakul 

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