The Biggest Truths About The Salary Of Army Captain

Many people want to know about the salary and incentives given to the rank of army captain officer. In the following post, you will know about the salary of army captain along with the other facilities.

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Army Captain Salary

As far concerned with the salaries, a Captain gets a salary between 45,000 PKR to 55,000 PKR. The army captain pay scale is BPS-17. The salary varies between this ranges in the five years before becoming major. He has to spend five years before becoming a major.So, an army officer spends his five years duration between the age of 24 to 29 as a captain. The young captains, which are in the first year or second year of their captaincy, get a salary of 45,000 PKR. The senior captain gets a pay of around about 55,000 PKR.
Only officers of Pakistan army can go to Siachen or Waziristan on this very low amount of money because of their patriotism.

Variation In Salary

The majority of the captains are selected for the United Nation peace mission in some African countries. Some also go to other foreign countries like Iran, Siberia etc. Due to these tours, his pay increases by some amount. In some cases, the salary may increase to 100,000 PKR depends upon the hard area. On return to the country, he gets the same salary as he was getting before going to the foreign tour.

Facilities During Service

Apart from the salary, army captain also get facilities like other government officers. These include the free medical treatments, an apartment if he is married, paid mess, almost free schooling of Children. Remember all these types of facilities are also provided by the government to its officer or employees.
He gets a discount of 50% on his air tickets if he travels through PIA. This facility is also provided to government officers in some organization.

Additional facilities

Free memberships of golf clubs, Desom clubs are provided to all officers of the army. A free servant or batman is available to all army officers all the time.

Facilities After Retirement

The pension given to the army Captain is same as that of the government officer and it is given by the Fauji Foundation of the Pakistan. But for becoming eligible for the pension, he has to serve in the army for at least 10 years.


The facilities and salary of army captain cannot be compared to that of the General. You can compare lieutenant or captain with the engineer who is in initial years of his service. Theses are the facilities that every government officer also gets. Same is the case with the captain.
Many negative people think that junior officers like lieutenant, major are enjoying the whole money and facilities of the country. This is completely wrong. For getting the position of CEO, an engineer or accountant has to work hard and has to give his blood and donation in that company. Same is the case with Pakistan army. The General has more achievements and has 35 years of service in the army. So he gets better facilities.

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