11 Solid Reasons Why Boys And Girls Should Join Pakistan Military Academy

Join Pakistan Military Academy 

The Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul Abbottabad is not just an institute, it is the place where future leaders of Pakistan army are born. Its value is like a mother for those who join this prestigious academy. This is the place where a kid of 18 years adopts such unique values that differentiate him from the rest of the youth. These unique values are discussed in the following post.

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1. Facilities

When you join PMA, you are trained free of cost throughout the 2 years. There is no fee structure for the cadets. Your mess, education, military training etc everything is free in PMA. There are 4 battalions in the academy. Each battalion has 3 companies. So, there are total 16 companies in the whole academy. Each company has a different name. You may consider a company as a hostel. You get a room in the hostel with full facilities and a batman. So, this is the start of life in Pak army which gives so many memories to each cadets. After the 2-year training, the real hard life starts for these young officers.

2. Discipline 

This academy is the best place for gaining discipline and etiquette in life. The discipline and etiquette are created in a cadet with every respect whether it is the discipline of time and daily routine or it is the etiquette of eating in a mess hall. The academy provides a cadet a complete track for his upcoming 2 years in the academy. This discipline also results in lifetime discipline of this future officer. There is also a parade for creating discipline. The cadets are wakened up in the morning at 5:45 a.m whether it's summer or winter in the academy, and the academy lights turn off at 11 p.m.

Pakistan Military Academy Pics
Polo In Pakistan Military Academy 

3. PT Training

The physical training of Pakistan army cadets is the most attractive thing for me and for many people in PMA. An 18-year-old kid who had spent his 18 years in his house becomes a leader and physically hard person after 2 years of PMA training. The PT training includes 1 mile run for a cadet before its breakfast for the complete 2 years. Push ups, chin ups, horse jumping are also the necessary part of a cadet training.

4. Military Study

The military training also includes map reading exercises, attack on the enemies exercises, self-defense, weapons training, military tactics. One of the hardest training exercises is "Yarmuk" in which the cadets have to travel to mountains and plain areas for consecutive 5 days.
The extracurricular activities include different types of games like boxing, swimming, football, athletics etc.

5. Academics Study

The academics training in Kakul academy for PMA long course includes study with respect military point of view. There are different types of subjects for cadets to learn. This includes mathematics, political studies, history, computer.

6. Girls Military Training

The girls are inducted into the army through different courses. The training period in PMA academy for girls is 6 months. The training consists of map reading, weapons reading etc. The training of girls is not tough as compared to males, but they have to obey all types of disciplines in Pakistan army training in PMA.

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7. Uniform Grace

The khaki uniform grace makes an ordinary boy to look like a prince. The khaki uniform not only makes a cadet proud of his army but also the people of Pakistan respect him with the proud.

8. Respect Of Seniors

To understand the real concept of senior, PMA Kakul is the best place. You will know the real answers about what is a senior? And what a senior can do? The junior cadet learns most things from senior cadets.

9. Respect Of Staff

The cadets are trained by the staff, but the cadets had to give full respect to the staff. The staff is responsible for giving numbers to cadets. These numbers are included when the result is declared. The staff can punish and shout on the cadets and the cadet has no right for disobeying the staff order. The cadets have to do whatever the staff says. This teaches a cadet how to give respect to the staff which is in non-commissioned rank. And in the end, when the passing out parade finishes, that staff which trained the Gentlemen cadets during 2 years salutes these new officers. How good and unique relation the PMA of Pakistan army provides in its staff and cadets.

10. Punishments

There are different types of punishments that cadets face during their stay in Pakistan military academy. Some people take these punishments so serious and say that cadets are under the brutality of the academy. The punishments given to cadets are for their welfare. There is always a reason for every punishment. The cadets are mostly punished by their seniors and also by staff. The punishments become difficult to endure in the winters when there is snow fall in the academy.

11. Leadership

The confidence level of a cadet of Pakistan army during training increases by performing activities held in Kakul academy Abbottabad. Moreover, the punishments faced by cadet results in the extreme confidence of a cadet. He becomes the junior leader of the Pakistan army and as he passes out from the academy, this 20 years boy leads a platoon of six soldiers in the army.


No other University and College provides such an amazing atmosphere for the mentally and physically growth of a person. PMA Kakul is the place where leaders and courageous person are born.

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