Second 6-Months In PMA Training Of Cadets Of Pakistan Army

PMA Training And PMA Kakul Life

As the first term ends, there is a term break to relax the cadets because the second term is going to be hard as compared to the first term. The military training gains some pace in the second term. As far concerned with the academics subjects, the cadets learn the higher level of different subjects as compared to the first term. The following post covers all the activities in the second term.

1. PT Exercise

The PT also continues in the second term. In the second term, the cadets have to complete the 1 mile in 6 minutes and 20 seconds. Besides this, the number of chin-ups, push-ups, set ups also increase in this term.

2. Cadets Punishments And Ragging

When a cadet goes in the second term, he becomes the mid-term cadet and a senior cadet to first term cadets. Now, he has the right to punish his juniors for not obeying the discipline of the Kakul academy. The Pak army cadets of second term  also welcome the first term cadets like they were once welcomed. They welcome the new cadets by different types of ragging. The cadets punishments are one of the best things that a senior enjoys, but a junior bears.

PMA Kakul pics-PMA Kakul Training pics-PMA Cadet pics relaxing during PMA training
Cadet relaxing during exercise in PMA Training

3. Academics

As a future officer of the army, the cadets of Pakistan army must know about the National and International Affairs. For this purpose, the subject of international affairs is introduced in the second term. Global political system, foreign policy importance, the concept of nationalism, geography strategy, laws of armed conflict are covered in this subject.
Moreover History, Economics and Management Sciences are also cover as course subjects in the second term.

Military Training

The following different military training exercises are introduced to cadets in the second term.

4. Boxing

The second term comprises of this brutal activity in cadets training. You all have seen boxing on the TV but this boxing is different from the natural boxing. The temperament, courage, and patience of the boxing candidates are checked in PMA. In this type of boxing, the first boxer does not allow punching and he remains inactive while the second boxer is allowed to punch and attacked him. When the second boxer completes his punching, then the first boxer is allowed to punch the second boxer in a given time. In this way, the patience of the boxing cadets is checked.
Beside this, there is also a usual boxing match between the two candidates which consists of 5 rounds. The cadets punch each other without defending themselves. If you want to see real punches in the boxing match, then watch the PMA training videos of cadets on Dailymotion or Youtube.

5. Navigation Exercises

The navigation exercises also become advance in the second term. There is a 7-day map reading exercise for the army cadets. In this exercise, the cadets of PMA Kakul are given the different task to perform with the navigation tools like maps, compass etc.

6. Yarmouk Exercise

Yarmouk is considered the toughest exercise ever for cadets in PMA training. This exercise checks the cadet’s stamina and patience along with different abilities. The cadets go for this 5-day exercise in mountainous areas of Kakul academy and perform different tasks along with the journey of 135 km on feet. One more thing all the cadets have to put a weight of 25 Kg on the shoulders for this exercise.

7. Advanced Weapons Training

The Pak army cadets are exposed to advanced weapons in this term. The cadets learn to fire AK 47 along with other weapons.


The second term is good in terms of adventures because boxing and Yarmouk exercises are not less than the adventures in PMA training.

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