7 Answers To How To Get Admission In PMA Kakul

How To Join PMA And Get Admission

It's every youngster dream to join PMA, but it is not possible for everyone. The PMA Kakul selection criteria is hard and tough. They only select those candidates who fully meet their requirements. Mostly the youngsters do not prepare themselves for different exercise which they have to perform during the selection process. As your target is big, so you must prepare yourself hard for every stage involved in selection process. In the following post, I have mentioned few exercises which will help you a lot in selection process. The following suggestions are for all people who want to join Pak army either through Long Course, Lady Cadet Course or Short Service Commission.
Pakistan Military Academy admission 2016 for 139 PMA Long Course are open from 10 Oct to 13 Nov. The physical requirements for Long Course and for other Courses are same.

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1. Written/Intelligence test Exercise

This is the most important step in getting PMA admission because in this step about 70 % of candidates fail and their dreams come to end on this very step. So, prepare yourself hard for this step. For PMA Long Course and PMA Graduate Course, this test will be based on the questions from English, Maths, Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies and General Knowledge. Now, there are a lot of websites that can help you in the preparation of this test. Go to these websites, and solve 80 to 100 questions every day. This will make your mind to think on all the problems. Also solve the Non-verbal (diagrammatic) and Verbal questions. I found one site very good for this purpose. The link is given below.

ISSB Intelligence Tests

Note 1:

For Medical Cadet Course, the test will be from English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry and for the Technical Cadet Course, this test will be from English, Maths, Physics and Chemistry or Computer Science/Computer Studies. Those who are going to appear after 16-year education will have questions from their graduation degree subjects along with Intelligence questions(Non-verbal/diagrammatic and Verbal questions).

2. Running Exercise

After the first written test, there is a running test for those candidates who have successfully passed this test. The candidates are required to run 1.6 km in 8.5 minutes during the test. The 2 month running before this test will help you in getting the first spot. Do a 1 km running if you are a beginner; if you cannot run faster, make a slow run. This will increase your stamina. After 15 to 20 days, you will be able to run 1.6 km in full gear.

Note 2:

The time limit for girls is 14 minutes for 1.6 km.

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3. Chest Exercise

The push-ups are the very best exercise to increase the chest size. If you cannot do push-ups, you should start doing push-ups now. As it is hard for the starter to do 10 to 20 push-ups daily, so he should do 5 to 8 push-ups daily. You can do it in the morning or evening, but morning push-ups are good. After 1 week, you will be able to do 10 to 20 push-ups. During the test, you have to do 15 push-ups in 2 minutes.

Note 3:

This exercise is not performed by girls during selection.

4. Chin ups Exercise

This exercise is performed by hanging with the bar. You have seen many people hanging on the bar for the height increase but in this case, you have to do the chin ups like in the picture below. Now, it's very hard for the beginner to do even 1 push up. So, you should first start hanging with the bar for a maximum of 1 minute daily but try to do 1 to 2 push-ups alongside. As your target is getting PMA admission, you should start this exercise before 2 months. After 2 months, you will be able to do up to 15 chin ups. But in an initial physical test, you have to perform just 3 chin ups in 2 minutes. So, the 2-month chin ups will help you in passing the test easily.

Note 4:

This exercise is not performed by girls during selection.

Do Chin Ups and Join PMA
How To Do Chin Ups 

5. ISSB Interview Exercise

There are many conventional books for the preparation of ISSB of Pakistan military academy. Buy any one book from the market and prepare yourself for the test. Different types of questions are given in the book. Learn and cram all the answers of General knowledge questions, but do not cram the tricky and personality questions. The General knowledge includes questions from Islamic Studies, Pakistan Studies, Sports, Countries knowledge. The tricky and personality questions in the book are given just for mind exercise. If you have awareness and confidence, success will be yours.

6. Final Medical Tips

In the final medical, you are going to be thoroughly checked up by the army. Avoid wrong things like masturbation in your life, because it will result in your elimination at this stage of selection. Those boys and girls who are suffering from knock knees should also take advice from a physiotherapist. Some exercises are very good for treating knock knees but you have to do these exercises for about 6 months.

7. Technical Interview Exercise 

This point is purely for students with graduation. In this interview, candidates are interviewed about the subjects have studied in their graduation. For example, Software engineers are interviewed by army personnel about different subjects of software engineering. This step is not very difficult but you should prepare yourself good for this interview too.


These were the exercises which you must prepare for 2 months before the first test. When it comes to joining PMA Kakul academy, you must take it seriously and prepare yourself at your best because the reward is big in the form of an army officer.

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