4 Things That Crazy Civilians Do About The Pakistan Army

Being a lover of the Pakistan military from the childhood to this day, I have met many people in my life who are passionate about the Pakistan military like me and this craze is going to increase more and more as the days pass. Thus, I decided to make the following post and it is about how people express their feelings and love for the Pak military.

1. Children Love

20 years ago when someone asked a child what would you become by profession in the future, he definitely answered that he would going to become Fauji (soldier) or a Pilot. Well, the situation after 20 years is not changed very much. The Children still love to become Fauji or a Pilot in this era where there is a lot of false propaganda against the Pakistan military especially for army. They still love to join the military in the year 2016 where the Fashion models, TV stars, and Film stars are presented as the ideals. There are a lot of pictures circulating around the social media where the little children are dressed up in the army and the airforce uniforms to show their love for this life and profession. But, they do not dressed up like TV celebrities.

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2. Crazy Teenagers 

Every youngster knows about the salaries of the Pakistan military and even knowing the fact that the officers and soldiers get the low amount of salaries, they are ready to join the Pakistan military. They apply for the military and even rejecting 2 times by the Pakistan military, the youngsters passion do not end. These crazy youngsters go for the higher studies so that they can avail the third and last issb chance. I had met many people in my life who are still passionate about sacrificing their bodies in the war zone for the Pakistan military and for the motherland even they are rejected 3 times by the military.
This love is due to the fact that the Pakistan military is a sacred organization. Unlike many other military organizations of this world where the people joined the military only for the sake of huge amount of money, the soldiers working in the Pakistan military take their job as the religious obligation. The Pakistani soldiers do not work for money, they work for safeguarding their motherland.

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3. Social Media Love

Before 2010; when the social media was not born in Pakistan, people used to express their love by singing patriotic Pak army songs and watching Pak army training videos on TV. But when the social media penetrated in the lives of the Pakistani people, they start to express their feelings on social media like Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter.

Facebook Profiles

The Pakistani girls are just crazy about the military. The girls behave unusually on social media. There are a lot of girls' account on Facebook where they regularly use the pictures of officers and soldiers of the army as DP (Display Photo). From statuses to cover photos, there is only one thing i.e. Pakistan military.
Many girls post the pictures of the army soldiers with their wife and kids. It seems like they want an army family. The boys express their love mostly by posting the pictures of army officers especially General Raheel Sharif. That's great.

Facebook Pages

Pakistan army Facebook pages are used to tribute the martyred soldiers and war soldiers. Some pages also post about the life of Armed Forces. So, this becomes the reason for the people to like these pages. And this shows the people love towards Pak army. The Facebook pages also provide great help to those who want to know about an army. Mostly, people ask questions about how to join an army. Life of Pakistan Army on Facebook is answering all the questions of the people.

Facebook Groups

The Facebook groups are usually the place of entertainment. People used to discuss different types of problems from different topics. But Pakistan army groups are usually the place to express sad poetry. The romantic people are also present in huge number in such groups. They usually post the images of romantic quotations about the army.

4. Pictures In Laptop

Keeping pictures in laptop related to Pak military is the passion of someone who is in deep love with an army. The following snapshot is taken from my laptop and it contains many pictures.
No doubt, Pak army soldiers are our heroes. They are defending this country by sacrificing their lives. They deserve the nation's love and this nation is also giving them honor and love.

Pakistan army pics

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