Men In Black Uniforms-Pakistan Army Armoured Corps

Pakistan Army Armoured Corps Uniform

The Armoured corps in the army is called the "king of the battle". You must have seen black uniform in Pak army. In Pakistan army, the armoured corps officers and soldiers wear the black uniform while driving the tank. This is the field uniform of armoured corp So, they are also called Men in black. This corps is the sign of horror for the enemies on the battlefield.

Uniform Beret 

The beret color of Pak army armoured corps is Black.

Uniform Beret Of Armoured Corps Of Pakistan Army
Pakistan Army Armoured Corps Uniform Beret

What Does An Armoured Corps Officer Do

The armoured corps officers are responsible for providing support to foot troops with the help tanks in a battlefield. For this purpose, they are trained to drive tanks. They also do complex study of these tanks. These officers also take different courses for their promotion. The tank is the track vehicles that are used for the purpose of the great enemy destruction. It is the armoured tank that protects the soldiers from being vulnerable along with providing great firepower towards the enemy. The tank has no eyes which mean it rolls everything that comes in its way. It also becomes submarine while passing the trenches that are filled with the water.
No doubt, Armoured corps tanks are the king of the battle. But for successful operations, some supporting corps is also present along with the armoured corps. This supporting corps is infantry. So, tanks cannot operate solely nor they can hold the ground. They either lead the infantry or move along with the infantry in the battle.

Armoured Corps Centre Nowshera

The armoured corps regimental center is located in Nowshera. The School of Armour and Mechanized Warfare is also in Nowshera cantonment. This place becomes more beautiful as it is present on the Kabul river bank. Keep in mind, Kabul river comes from Afghanistan and flows in Pakistan.

Armoured Corps Regiments

The Pakistan army has many armoured corps regiments which are equipped with the heavy tanks. The prominent regiments are:

25th cavalry

It participated in the 1965 war with the great valor and got the name of The Men of steel. Only this armoured corps regiment from Pakistan army was enough to kill the Indian army. It remains active throughout the 17 days of the war in 1965. This regiment has 5 Sitara e Jurat and 10 Tamgha e Jurat.

51 lancers

The soldiers of this regiment are known as Silver Eagles. This regiment is awarded
1 Sitara e Jurat and 2 Tamgha e Jurat on the bravery of its soldiers.

4th cavalry

They are known as Valiants. It participated in 1965 and 1971 wars. It is the first regiment of Pakistan armoured corps who participated in operation Al-Mizan. 26 soldiers of this regiment gave their lives while defending their homeland.

6th lancers 

(the strike of my sword is the wrath of the Allah). It participated in 1st Pakistan parade.
This regiment has 2 Sitara e Jurat and 2 Tamgha e Jurat.

Pakistan Army Tank List, Al-Khalid And Al-Zarrar Tanks

The armoured corps of Pak army was using the T-59 tank as the Main battle tanks in the 1960s. T 59-M2 was also the medium battle tank at that time.  Both of these tanks are also in service currently today. Both are used for the semi-hilly and plain areas. Al-Zarrar tank is the upgraded version of T-59.
Al-Khalid and T-80UD tanks are now the main battle tanks of the Pakistan army. Al-Khalid tank is made by the Pakistan in the Heavy Mechanical Complex, HMC Taxila and is capable of fighting in day and nights. It can defend itself from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. It has a 125 mm gun. These both tanks are used for deserts areas of the Pakistan because of their high performance. Al-Khalid tank is making its name in world ranking.

Al-Haider tank

In 2016, Pakistan army has announced that it is going to construct a next generation tank which is named as Al-Haider tank.

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