The Life Of Bell AH-1W Super Cobra In 20 Lines

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra

With the passage of time, improvements were done on the Bell AH-1G and these improvements produced a new version helicopter in the Bell AH-1 series. The main up gradation that was asked by the military forces to make it double engine helicopter and to install a powerful gun turret for the purpose of better safety. It was named as Bell AH-1J. The nickname given to it was Sea Cobra. In 1971, this super cobra joined the US military in work.
In 1986, further up gradation on Bell AH-1J resulted in the birth of Bell AH-1W Super Cobra. The physical features of Super cobra are given below.

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Physical Characteristics

The physical features of super cobra are almost the same as that of the cobra. It is uniformly smart from the front to all the back side. The sitting plan for the pilot and gunner is in the tandem arrangement. It has the same functions like that of the cobra. It can participate as a combat helicopter in wars and can serve as the guardian angel for its troops on the ground.
Like Cobra and sea cobra, super cobra also has a two blade main rotor and two blade tail rotor.
Unlike Cobra, the two electric turboshaft engines are fitted in its body for the purpose of its function. The super cobra had a long tail and long fuselage.

Armaments Of Super Cobra

The only gun of the super cobra is mounted in a turret under the nose. The variety of ordnance can be installed under the wings and on the wings tips of the super cobra. The wing tips can carry air to ground hell fire missiles and air to air missiles aircraft missiles. The rocket pods, gun pods, and bombs are installed under the wings.
It is installed with advanced optical avionics and sensors that help it to operate in day and night times. It has more advanced weapons as compared to the all previous versions of Cobras.

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra pic
Bell AH-1W Super Cobra

Photo Credit

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra front view pic
Front view of Bell AH-1W Super Cobra

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