Bell AH-1Z Viper Is The Unforgiven Helicopter For The Enemy On The Earth

Bell AH-1Z Viper

Is it really viper? Yes, this is a viper. It may have not very much resemblance with the real viper but in functionality, it is a real viper towards its enemy. Its main poisons are the anti-tank missile and anti-aircraft missile.
The up gradations on AH-1W Super Cobra continued after its enrollment in US military in 1986. Until 2010, the latest and fully advanced helicopter of AH-1 series joined the American forces in 2010. The helicopter was named as AH-1Z Viper. This helicopter is armed as that of its previous version but it has better survivability. 

Latest Technology

The survivability and better performance are due to the following reasons.
The cockpits of AH-1Z Viper are well armored with the armored proof materials. The pilots are provided with the head mounted display monocles that help them in seeing everything just on the piece of a lens which is directly placed in front of the pilot’s right eye. The good sighting system and 3D map instrument help in locating the enemy from the long distance and helps in the very good navigation of the helicopter. The sighting system is clearly visible in the following picture on the circular nose of the Viper.
Two electric turboshaft engines are placed in the helicopter head for imparting the greater power to the Viper.

US marine AH-1Z Viper pic
AH-1Z Viper


Unlike Super Cobra, Viper is a four-blade main rotor and four-blade tail rotor helicopter. It has lengthened wings as compared to older versions. 
Like all the AH-1 series of helicopters, it is a total combat helicopter with no secondary purpose of transporting troops. Viper is uniformly slim and smart from the front, mid and back sides like the cobra. It is a tandem seat helicopter with the same cockpits under the one roof. The pilot sit in the back seat and the gunner sits in the front seat for the purpose of targeting.


The chin turret consists of a cannon. There are 4 points under the wings and 2 points on the wings tips for putting the weapons. The wings tips are armed with the hellfire missiles and anti-aircraft missiles for destroying the armored vehicles and hydra rocket pods are mounted under the wings.

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