Let's Talk About The Ultimate Tank-British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

British Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank

This tank is the British main battle tank and thus, the word British is added with the name of the tank. This tank is an absolute beast. Look at the size of this tank. It is huge. The large expanded turret, vast hull, and long length make it very attractive. In some tanks, the wheels of challenger 2 are covered with the armor shields. Like Al-Khalid, T-90 and Leopard 2; this tank is one of the most amazing advanced tanks of the world.
Challenger 2 tank is so much different from its previous version, the British Challenger 1. It was only 5% similar to that of Challenger 1 when it was introduced. A lot of improvements were done on the turret, hull and fire control systems of the challenger 1.

British Challenger 2 main battle tank pic
British Challenger 2 main battle tank


Unlike other tanks, this tank has four men crew. It is given a diesel fuel engine which delivers the power of 1200 horsepower. The sitting plan is conventional. The driver sits in the front of the hull while the other three men sit under the turret.
This tank is only serving for two nations, UK and the Oman.

Highly Protection System

Challenger 2 armor thickness consists of the Chobham material. Chobham is the anti-penetration armor that helps its protection from being hit by the gun rounds. Chobham was made by the British company and this material was also delivered to the Americans. Only these two nations know the exact formula of this Chobham.
This tank is also protected against the detonation of grenades and other explosives by the use of Explosive Reactive Armor. The tank’s turret is fitted with nuclear, biological and chemical protection system.

Challenger 2 Specs

Challenger 2 main battle tank has the latest fire control systems that help in exact targeting just through the use of digital and computerized viewing systems. The sighting systems are the eyes of the every tank that help in delivering the ammunition with pinpoint accuracy. The fire control systems are fully controlled by the sighting systems. As the eyes of the tank see the target, the fire control systems automatically launched the ammunition on the target.

Target Hit Accuracy

Even during engaging with the one target, the commander is able to locate the next target with this sighting system. When the engaging is done on one target, the main gun automatically moves on the next target. Both the commander and the gunner have the separate panoramic sites with the advanced sighting systems.
Challenger 2 tank has the firing range of 3.5 km with pinpoint accuracy.


Like the other main battle tanks, it also has a conventional weapon. It is equipped with a 120 mm rifled gun tank as the main weapon that can fire a projectile and anti-tank missiles. The anti-aircraft gun and machine gun are also the part of this tank.
No doubt, this huge machine designed by the British is among the ultimate tanks of the world. Finally, we must say that this tank proved itself along with the M1 Abrams in the deserts of the Iraq war in 2003.

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