Do You Hear The Sound Of Missiles Of Corps Of Air Defence Of The Pak Army

Pak Army Air Defence Corps

With the passage of time, Pakistan army infantry, armoured corps and artillery became strong against the ground threats of the enemy. But it was not strong against the enemy's air attacks and threats as compared to ground threats. So, there was a need for the air defence corps in the Pak army which can completely tackle all the air attacks of the enemy along with the Pakistan air force.
Hence, the corps of air defence was introduced in the army which is responsible for the air defence of the country. As the name indicates, it provides defence as well attack to the enemy air weapons. The enemy air weapons may include jets and missiles.

Uniform Beret

Beret Of Army Air Defence Corps Of Pak Army
Beret Of Pakistan Army Air Defence Corps

Air Defence Operation Center

Initially, the Pakistan air force was responsible for the air defence of its country, but now it coordinates with the army and navy for further effective air defence system.
For this purpose, there is an Air Defence Committee which is commanded by the chief of air staff of the Pakistan air force. This committee also includes officers from the Pak army and Pak navy.

Training Centers

After passing out parade from the PMA Kakul, the selected second lieutenants go to the School of Army Air Defence, Karachi. These young second lieutenants attend the Young Officers’ Course on their entrance in the different units of the corps of air defence of the Pak army.
All other officers, JCOs and NCOs are given the required training during different courses according to their ranks to tackle all the expected air threats.

Radar air defence system with HEMTT tractor
Radar system with HEMTT tractor

Latest Weapons

As the enemy is equipping itself with the most dangerous air crafts and jets, so it is necessary to have an effective air defence system that is capable of detecting the enemy aerial threats. Thus, the effective air defence system must consist of radars, fighter jets, ground to air missiles, and anti-aircraft guns and cannons. These air defence systems are discussed in the following paragraph.

Regiments Of Pak Army Air Defence

Although there are many air defence regiments in the Pak army that are equipped with the latest and deadly air defence weapons systems but here few regiments are given below.

134 Radar Control Gun AD regiment

This regiment is equipped with the latest 35 mm orlikon guns and sky guide radars. Sky guide radar is the ultimate weapons to detect the enemy presence.
Vehicle mounted giraffe radar are also the part of this regiment that can detect the enemy air crafts presence in the range of 40 km.

146 Light Air Defence Gun Missile Self-Propelled regiment 

This regiment consists of missile systems that are installed on self-propelled vehicles. The prominent missile system is APC mounted RBS 70 missile system that can destroy the enemy aircraft before releasing the weapons with the help of giraffe radar.

89 Surface To Air Missile regiment

The deadly FM 90 weapon system is the part of this regiment. FM 90 missile system is the ground to air missile system and it consists of tracking radar and missiles. FM 90 weapon system not only detects the enemy air crafts but it can also detect cruise missiles, air to ground missiles and armed helicopters and can destroy all of these.

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