The Threatening Corps For An Enemy-Corps Of Army Aviation Of The Pak Army

Pak Army Corps of Army Aviation

The history of corps of army aviation of the Pak army is not very old. There was no corps in the initial years and there were just few helicopters in the Pak army after the independence in 1947. But in the last 40 years, Pakistan army not only introduced the corps of army aviation but it also grew very rapidly during these years.
In today’s word, helicopters are not only important in war operations but they are also used in peace times like earthquakes and floods. Army aviation is the need of infantry corps, it is the need of armoured corps and it is the need of every corps. Now, Pak army is taking full advantage of its corps of army aviation. The Pakistani cobra attack helicopters made effective attacks during all the operation against terrorism.

Beret Color And Insignia

The beret color for corps of army aviation is dark maroon and the insignia is positioned at the front of the beret. The insignia contains a flying eagle.

Pak Army Corps of Army Aviation
Beret Of Army Aviation Of Pak Army

Training Center

The volunteer cadets from the Pak army and the Pak navy join corps of army aviation after their selection from GHQ, Rawalpindi. The training center for army aviation is located in Gujranwala. It is called Army Aviation School. This school not only helps in the training of army aviation pilots but it also helps in the helicopter training of the air force and navy pilots. The pilots get trained on both Mushshak planes and Sikorsky S-300 helicopters. Sikorsky is a light observatory helicopter used for the reconnaissance purposes. As it is a light-weight helicopter, it is also used in the high altitudes like Siachen in the Pakistan.

Promotion Courses

Different courses are offered here in this school to the pilots. There are some courses which every pilot officer has to do like instrument Flying course. There is 1-year basic fixed wing course for plane training and 1-year basic rotary wing course for helicopter training. But there are some courses which are offered to the selected officers. These selected officers are those officers who have performed very well their career. The high-level course is offered to such officers like Cobra qualification course. The promotions of the pilots depend upon their previous performances in their career as well as on the acquired courses.

Pak army Bell AH-1 Cobra
Bell AH-1 Cobra


Currently, the Pakistan army aviation is using very old helicopters. There are old Mi-17 helicopters of the 1980s which are still in use for the transportation of troops. And these old Russian Mi-17 are crashing after every 3 months and causing martyrdoms of the senior ranked pilots to the Pakistan army. There are old versions of Cobra attack helicopters which are in use of the Pak army aviation. Though these cobras have been upgraded and used effectively in the military operations against the terrorists but even these upgraded cobras cannot match the latest generation helicopters. But thanks to Allah who blessed Pakistan with the General Raheel Sharif. He is not only working for the peace of the Pakistan but he is also upgrading the Pak army.
The Good News is that the Pakistan army is going to equip with the latest generation attack helicopters very soon in the upcoming 2 years. These attack helicopters include the Russian Mi-35M Crocodile, the American AH-1Z Viper, the Russian Mi-28N Havoc and the Chinese Z-10 Fierce Thunderbolt. The three Z-10 helicopters are already in service of the Pak army.

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