All Answers About The Girls' Favourite Corps Of Signals Of Pak Army

Corps Of Signals

Although the infantry is the Queen Of Battle but it does not become queen by itself.  There are many people around the infantry which give it the status of queen. The corps of signals along with some other corps like corps of engineers gives the status of the queen to the corps of infantry. The corps of signals is responsible for making the communication between the soldiers. During the war times, the soldiers have to connect with each other from different places for the better war strategy and to kill its enemy effectively.

Insignia And Beret Color

The insignia of the signals corps contains a crescent and a star in between the two tilted flags. The beret color of signals corps officer is dark black and the motto is Tez-o-Yaqini. The nickname of this corps is the Kabutars.

Pakistan Army Corps Of Signals Beret
Pakistan Army Corps Of Signals Beret

Training Center

The cadets studied their engineering degree in Military College of Signals, Rawalpindi. After 4 years of the study period, they go to the Pakistan Military academy for the military training. After becoming officers, this college also offers different courses for the grooming and enhancement of skills of these officers in the fields of Software and Telecommunication.
The Military college of Signals is also the center for the training of the junior commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers of the Pak army.

Training And Promotion Courses

All the newly commissioned officers are offered the Young Officers' Course that helps them to grow technically in the field of the signals. As the time passes, these all the officers undergo for the Mid-Career Course. But as the officers reached the rank of major, then the next high courses are given to the selected officers who have performed well  previously. These high courses are the specialized courses that help a major to become a successful battalion commander. These high courses include the Junior Staff Course and the Unit Command Course.
The very famous Foreman of Signals Course is offered for the training purpose of the selected JCOs and NCOs.

Latest Weapons Of Pak Army

With the passage of time, Pak army has developed latest telecommunication equipment by itself. The Pakistan army has also research and developments center for the corps of signals. Some of the equipment are given here.

Signals communication and IT concept vehicle

This vehicle consists of different types of radios which include the satellite radios, tactical fiber optics radios which help the soldiers in receiving and sending data along with voice communication. The invention of satellite radios helps in the better communication between the military soldiers in the every new and challenging environment. These environments may include the huge mountains and sea areas.

Radio direction finder

It helps in finding the direction of the enemy communication system. The army and navy usually have long wavelength radio direction finders because it can locate the enemy communication systems in seas and mountain areas from many kilometers away. 

Besides these, Army tactical communication system and Microwave communication system are also playing their vital roles in the field of communication.

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