Harbin Z-9W - The Chinese Equivalent To The Russian Hind Attack Helicopter

Harbin Z-9W

Like Russians Mi-24 "Hind" series and Mi-35 "Hind" series; this helicopter is the Chinese "Hind" since it has the same function as that of the Hind. It is designed to carry out transport troops as well as to provide attack with its weapons when needed.
The first helicopter of Z-9 series was produced in 1981. It was named as Z-9. The nickname given to Z-9 was Dolphin. It was developed from the French Eurocopter AS-365 Dauphin. There is no need to read about the first Z-9 because it was same as that of Eurocopter but it was built in China. 
With the passage of time, many improvements were done on Z-9. One of the major improvements produced a Z-9W version of Z-9.


Z-9W was a day and night attack version. It was developed to target the heavy targets like tanks. It can carry the different type of weapons which includes a machine and cannon. Air to ground missiles and air to air missiles can also be mounted in a certain number on both the pylons. All these things were not present in Z-9.

Defense System

Z-9W has a defense system which can detect the approaching missiles like AH-64 Apache. These missiles follow the targets by the infrared. When this defense system detects the incoming infrared of missiles, it activates the flaring dispensers which fool these incoming missiles. This helps the helicopter from being destroying.

Avionics Technology

The command radio set and direction finder can also be installed on it. The roof contains an optical viewing system. The Forward looking infrared camera and TV system is mounted under the nose which helps the pilots in viewing the targets even in bad weathers.


It is a side by side two seat helicopter. It can carry up to 10 soldiers in its cabin while the two huge engines are installed above this cabin. It has a four blade main rotor while the tail consists of fan type rotor. The tail rotor has 11 blades. All the 3 landing wheels in Z-9W are retractable and can be reverted inside and outside the helicopter’s body during flying and landing respectively.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy Harbin Z-9C Helicopter pic
Chinese Harbin Z-9C Helicopter

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