Listen To Russians. They Will Tell You All About Ka-50 Black Shark

Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark

Do not worry! If you cannot call it kamov ka-50, then call it Black Shark. This is the nickname of this helicopter which is given to it because of its design which is completely like a Black Shark minus the rotor blades. The face of the helicopter and its other entire body is like a black shark.
This is helicopter is among the initial combat helicopters of the Russian army. Keeping in view the difficulties which Russian army faced during Russia-Afghanistan war, this helicopter was designed to overcome those difficulties. This helicopter joined the Russian military in 1995.

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Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark Hokum A pics
Kamov Ka-50 Black Shark


The kamov ka-50 was derived from the Kamov V-80. Ka-50 is a single seat pilot helicopter which makes it purely a combat helicopter. Check the picture above. There are no tail rotor blades for this helicopter which improves its maneuvering capabilities and helps in reducing the consumption of the engine power. Both the rotor blades are fixed on the top of the helicopter.
The cockpit is armored with the some great materials which prevents the pilot from being hit by the small rounds, like bullets, and shell fragments. It is also equipped with the flare dispenser system which activates the flares when the radar warning system identifies the threat of incoming missiles by detecting the infrared rays. For the last safety purpose, Ka-50 is fitted with the ejection seat system. It is the first ever helicopter that was fitted with this ejection seat system that helps the pilot in evacuation even at high altitudes. But before ejection, the rotor blades are broken down from the explosives system that is fitted inside the helicopter's system.

Armaments of Ka-50

The wings of this helicopter are equipped with the deadly weapons. There are four points of weapons attachment under the wings. 2 weapon points under each wing. 
It can carry the variety of ordnance depending upon the mission. The air to ground anti-tank laser guided missile is the beauty of this helicopter. It can destroy tanks, armored vehicles like APCs and BTRs with its laser-guided anti-tank missiles. It can also carry air to air missiles for low speed flying helicopters. The big targets like bunkers and the group of soldiers standing on the ground can be destroyed by the bombs and rockets.
The standard weapon for the Black Shark is a side mounted 30 mm gun which can fire a large number of different rounds of ammunition in every direction irrespective of the flying direction of the helicopter. The choice of ammunition is selected by the pilots and can target the enemy up to the range of 4 Km.

Ka-50N and Ka-50Sh

The initial Ka-50s helicopters were lacking in night hunting and attack capabilities of the targets and it was difficult for a lonely pilot to do flying, navigation and weapon launching at the same time. So, different models of Ka-50 were introduced with the passage of time.
The night viewing thermal image systems, laser range finders along with infrared sensors were introduced in the helicopter. This resulted in the upgraded versions of the Russian Ka-50 attack helicopter which are known as Ka-50N and Ka-50Sh.

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