If You Are Interested In Helicopters Then Know About Alligator-Kamov Ka-52

Kamov Ka-52 Alligator

Kamov Ka-52 is called an Alligator. This is among the best Russian attack helicopters. One can clearly understand that why the word Alligator is used for Ka-52 just by watching the following picture. The paint job done on it is more than awesome. The strips of light green color along with dark strips on the helicopter makes it perfectly look like an alligator. This attack helicopter joined the Russian military in 2010. The NATO called this helicopter Hokum B.

Kamov Ka-52 alligator hokum B pics
Kamov Ka-52 Alligator

Changes Between Ka-52 And Ka-50

The Ka-52 is a side by side two seat helicopter. It can operate in all areas and in all weathers day and night. This includes the mountains and deserts. The purpose of this helicopter is the same as that of Ka-50, which is to do reconnaissance and attack on the enemy. The physical design of Ka-52 is almost same as that of Ka-50. The physical changes were an additional pilot seat and the wider nose. These physical changes are obvious from the above picture.
Ka-52 is equipped with the latest technology which was not present in the Ka-50. There are 2 radar systems, one is mounted above the cockpit and the other is mounted below the nose. You can see second radar antenna clearly in the above picture. There are also 2 day and night systems, one is above the cockpit and the other is below the nose in the form of a rounded ball.
The reconnaissance is done by these two modern thermal sighting camera systems, laser range finder, target designator and the day-night television cameras. The night vision goggles are used by the pilots during night time recce. The pilots are also provided with the helmet mounted display directly on the lens in front of the eye which helps in targeting the enemy more easily.

Weaponry of Ka-52

It has all that dangerous weapons which were mounted on the Ka-50. These weapons are mounted under the wings on the 6 hard points. The weapon comprises of air to air missile for hunting the enemy helicopters and air to ground missiles for targeting the armored tanks and hard bunkers. For targeting smaller target like vehicle or ground troops, a 30 mm automatic cannon is installed on the lower right side of the helicopter. This automatic cannon can deliver different types of ammunition in large number. The selection of ammunition depends upon the pilot and target.
The bombs and different types of rockets can also be carried in certain number by the Ka-52. It can target the from the range of 1.5 Km to 2.5 Km.

Protection System

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter is equipped with the laser warning system, missile infrared rays jamming system and flare dispenser system.
In the case of emergency, there is also a helicopter ejection system for the ejection of pilots. But before ejection, the rotor blades broken away with the explosives from the axial shaft so that pilots remain safe from the deadly rotor blades. Like a jet plane, the pilot seat ejects in the upward direction with the pressure which helps in attaining the required altitude which is necessary for the opening of the parachute.

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