The Benefits Of Mechanized Infantry Over Foot Infantry Of The Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army Mechanized Infantry

The need for mechanized infantry was felt when the foot infantry faced huge causalities while moving towards the enemy area and in capturing the enemy territory.
The motorized vehicles also need plain and good paths to move but in small hilly and trench areas, these motorized vehicles are not able to move. So, there was a need for the track vehicles that could drive in the trench and hilly field areas.
Hence, the mechanized infantry was introduced to tackle these difficulties. It can withstand the small arms. The purpose of mechanized infantry is same like that of foot infantry i.e capturing and holding the enemy ground. The mechanized infantry is totally trained like the foot infantry with the additional training. The additional training includes the use of weapons while sitting in the armored vehicle.

Mechanized Infantry Advantages

As the Armored corps tanks are made with the highly advanced armored materials, so it can lead the attack towards the enemy because it can withstand the high weapon resistance due to its structure. In this way, it gives the protection to the foot infantry from being hit by the heavy enemy fire. But soon when the tanks entered in the enemy area, then there will be the need of the soldiers to capture and hold the enemy ground. Here comes the importance of the mechanized infantry. As the foot infantry operates on the feet and is unable to reach the enemy area quickly like that of the tank, so for this purpose the mechanized infantry comes in action because they can join the armored corps tanks in the enemy area with the speed while sitting in their armored vehicles and thus can capture the ground.

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Pakistan Army APCs

APC stands for armor personnel carriers. Different types of armored vehicles are used in the Pakistan army for the mechanized infantry. Pakistan army is using APC M-113p and APC M-113p A2 extensively for the mechanized infantry. Some APCs like APC M-113p A2 are also installed with the Baktar-Shikan anti-tank guided missiles along with anti-aircraft machine gun.
Some regiments of the Pakistan army like 27 Baloch regiment and 228 independent Azad Kashmir heavy anti-tank are equipped with the deadly APC M-113p A2.

mechanized infantry APCs
APCs are on patrolling

APCs Operation

The vehicle commander is usually a major in the Pakistan army. The commander stands in the centre-top of the vehicle while the section (10-12) of his soldiers sits in the vehicle. The commander is also the gunner of the vehicle. He usually targets the helicopters with its anti-aircraft machine gun weapon mounted on the top of the vehicle.
The signal officer of the vehicle can also coordinate with the signal officer of the other vehicle through the company radio in the vehicle for the purpose of deployment and exchange of information. He can also contact with the battalion commander through second radio installed with the first radio. The commander of the vehicle can also coordinate with the driver and commander of other vehicles with the specially mounted helmet which he wears while the vehicle moves.

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