The Most Successful Russian Beauty-The Crocodile Mil Mi-24 Hind

Mil Mi-24 Hind

This machine becomes the love of everyone in the very first sight. Everything on this helicopter like the face, wings, and crocodile color strips are stunning. The best feature of this helicopter is its two bulged cockpits that gave it an extreme resemblance with the crocodile face. The Mil Mi-24 and all Mil Mi-24 versions has gotten a nickname of Hind. But many people also call it Crocodile.

Mil Mi-24 Hind pics
Mil Mi-24 Hind

Need For Mil Mi-24

There was a need in the 1970s for such helicopter that can attack and survive in an effective way. Thus, Mi-24 was introduced and it was derived from the Mi-8, Hip. To meet the required features, Mil company designed a Mi-24. This helicopter was armed for the attack operations and as well as armored for its survivability from the enemy weaponry. This helicopter had participated in all the wars after its production in 1973.


It can perform two tasks. The first one is that it can transport troops in quite a good number and the second one is that it can perform assault attacks by launching it deadly weapons.


It was a tandem seat helicopter and the two bulging armored cockpits were introduced in this helicopter so that if one cockpit gets damaged by the enemy weaponry then other pilot remains safe in the other cockpit. These bulging cockpits are the real beauty of this helicopter. It has two rotor blades. One is the main rotor which is on the top while the other one is the tail rotor.


The armaments are mounted under both the wings of Mi-24. It can carry heavy bombs in a limited number. For the purpose of fixing rockets under the wings, rockets pod are attached under the wings. These rocket pods can occupy a large number of rockets. There is also a machine gun underneath the body that can launch a large number of ammunition rounds in just a minute. The last fatal weapon is the anti-tank radio guided missile which is used to melt the tanks in the battlefield.
The troop’s windows can also become the place for the machine gun if required.

The best helicopter in the Mil Mi-24 series is given here.

Mil Mi-24 Hind pics
Mil Mi-24

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