Reasons Why The Russian Flying Truck-Mil Mi-26 Is The Love Of Everyone

Mil Mi-26

Is this a helicopter or a truck? No doubt, this helicopter can become the flying living house of 90 people. Do not confuse it with the Mi-24 series or Mi-35 series. This is not a crocodile but it looks like a bird face from the front side with the eyes (cockpit windows) and bulk beak. Whether it is a heavy military vehicle like tank or troops, Mi-26 can gulf them for the transporting purposes. Even 3 to 4 heavy armored vehicles can be placed inside it simultaneously. It has a large stomach. The huge size engines are installed inside it so that it can carry huge weights.

Russican helicopter Mil Mi-26 pics
Side View of  Mil Mi-26


Mi-26 can carry its family member helicopters by attaching them to the rope. Mi-24 Hind or Chinook all are like small cars next to it. It can even carry airplanes of a certain weight. It has a maximum record of carrying 58,000 kilograms. Another great thing is that it can carry wounded soldiers or civilian people inside it along with the stretchers.
This helicopter is serving the humanity for many years. Heavy parts of bridges, electricity towers can also be carried by it.
It also participated in the famous nuclear accident of Russian in 1986. Many Mi-26 dropped out the materials like sand, lead and neutron absorbing boron for reducing the radiations.


It has no wings but has 8 blades main rotor and 5 blades tail rotor. The landing wheels are fixed inside at the bottom of the helicopter. There is a dedicated 5 crew member for the flying purpose. Two are the pilots, two are the helicopter’s maintenance engineer and technician and one is a navigator. The other name for Mi-26 is Halo which is given by halo.
Many versions of Mi-26 are produced until now and every version was dedicated to some purpose. For example, there is a version mi-26PK of Mi-26 which is purely flying crane.

Russican helicopter Mil Mi-26 pics
Mil Mi-26

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