Strange Facts About Mil Mi-35 Crocodile You Wish You Knew Before

Mil Mi-35

This is the second name of Mi-24V. Like the fathers (Mi-24 and Mi-24 all versions), the Mi-35 (including its all versions) is also called a crocodile. The bulged cockpits, the chin of the Mi-35 and the two eyes (dust protection devices) all make it look like crocodile. You can clearly see these features in the following picture 1.

Why is Mi-24V called Mi-35?

Many people are confused about the difference between the Mi-24 and Mi-35. The simple answer is that the Mi-35 is the export version of Mi-24V. 
Now, the question is how Mi-24V was produced. The answer is that with the passage of time, Russians produced many versions of Mi-24. One of these versions was Mi-24V. This version was unique and better than all other versions. So, when the Russian wanted to sell Mi-24V version, they named it as Mi-35.
Like Mi-24, its version Mi-24V was also an only day attack version. But Mi-24V was equipped with more deadly radio guided anti-tank missile.
Once the Mi-24V got the name of Mi-35, then the further upgradations were done on Mi-35 and all these versions got the name from Mi-35 name. The prominent upgraded version is Mi-35M.

Mi-35 Design

It has a tail rotor which consists of three blades. See the picture 1. It has 3 wheels that can go inside during the flying time. See the picture 2. It can transport troops in a certain number and the ammunition store in a certain amount. It can also be used to evacuate the wounded soldiers.


The machine gun can be attached to the chin of the Mi-35 or it can be fixed on the one side of the lower body of the helicopter. Heavy armaments like air to surface missiles, bombs and rockets can also be detached from the crocodile wings towards the enemy manpower and armored vehicles when required.
An additional weapon can be used by the troops sitting in the cabin through the window or door when required. The additional weapon can be a machine gun or simple gun.

Mil Mi-35 Hind Crocodile
Mil Mi-35 Hind

Mil Mi-35 Hind Crocodile
Mil Mi-35 Hind

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