The Best Secrets Of Mil Mi-35M Helicopter In The Series Of Mil Mi-35

Before reading the following article, you must read another article here. Since this will help you in understanding the different versions of Mi-35. The best version of Mi-35 is discussed in the following post.

Mil Mi-35M

Mi-35M is the extremely high upgrading version of Mi-35. It can fly day and night in both good and adverse environment for all types of combat operations. Though the primary function of this helicopter is to conduct the assault missions but there are also some secondary functions of it like transporting of troops and wounded soldiers.

Mi-35M Differences From Mi-35

Mil Mi-35M Hind Crocodile
Mil Mi-35M Crocodile

The Mi-35M is installed with the modern avionics, night vision systems and the pilots are provided with Night vision goggles in this version. Laser range finder and radio communication systems are also the upgraded parts of Mi-35M. Though the up gradation is mostly done in the interior electronic and digital instruments, but some physical changes that one can see from the above picture of the helicopter are given below.

Visible Physical Features Of Mi-35M

The landing wheels are fixed in Mi-35M. This means that the wheels cannot come inside the helicopter’s bottom when it is flying as compared to that of Mi-35. Also, the tail rotor has four wings in the shape of X.
The physical changes are also done on the wings. The wings of Mi-35M are shorter than that of the Mi-35. These wings have built in system for automatic loading of weapons in case the weapons finishes.

Armaments Of Mi-35M

The different variety of ammunition, depending upon the target, can be selected and mounted under the wings before the flying of the Mi-35M. It has highly upgraded weapons which mainly includes air to air missiles, rockets, and machine gun. The air to air missile helps in destroying low-speed air crafts. The movable automatic gun is attached to the chin of the helicopter. This machine gun can deliver many rounds of different ammunition in minutes.

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