The Gunners-Pakistan Army Artillery Corps

Pakistan Army Artillery Corps

Pak Army Artillery Corps that deals with the cannons. The soldiers from this corps fight with the cannons. They are also called the gunners. The artillery provides the firepower to the infantry. One can conclude the decision of the battle just by its artillery power because it results in a great destruction of the enemy.
In today’s world, the artillery is not limited to only cannons. With the passage of time, the artillery is now dealing with the firepower of the missiles. It can fire the missiles in the range of up to 2500 km. It can fire deep inside the enemy territory apart from the front line fires. It operates along with the infantry corps and armoured corps. The cannon commander observes the enemy posts and then allows its soldiers to fire at the given target. The famous General Musharraf belonged to this beautiful corps of artillery.


The motto of the Pakistan artillery is Izzat o Iqbal.

Cap Color

The beret color of the Pak army artillery corps is dark blue.

Artillery Of Pakistan Army
Artillery Corps Beret Of Pakistan Army

Training In Pakistan Army Artillery Center

The selected cadets after passing out from the Pakistan military academy as the second lieutenant go to the School of Artillery, Nowshera.  The officers are given the high-quality training which meets the international standard. The foreign officers also get trained from this school.
The regimental center of the Pakistan army artillery is in the Attock. The soldiers get their artillery training here in this center.
The famous artillery mess is located in Rawalpindi.

Pak Army Artillery Regiments/Units

The Pakistan army artillery corps is divided into various types of artillery. These are Field artillery, Medium artillery, Heavy artillery and Self propelled artillery of Pakistan army. With the passage of time, modernization has came in the Pakistan artillery.
The locating artillery is unique in contrary to other artillery types because it provides defense and attack together. It is equipped with the modern radar systems that can locate the enemy artillery fires effectively and can encounter its cannons.
The prominent artillery regiments of Pakistan army are given below along with the artillery equipment and guns.

35 SP regiment

This Pakistan army artillery unit/regiment consists of self-propelled (SP) artillery guns and cannons. This regiment got the title of "Shairni" when this regiment stop the enemy advancement in Lahore in the 1965 war. It contains M110 A2 8 inch howitzer guns which are self-propelled. These howitzer guns can fire its shells up to 30 km.

15 SP regiment

It consists of M109-A-155mm series artillery guns. These are the Pak army self-propelled guns. The prominent gun is M109 A2 155 mm which can penetrate the enemy area up to 23 km.

172 MBRL regiment

This regiment consists of multi-barrel rocket launchers that can fire 360 rockets in just 15 seconds. These are long-range rocket launchers and are used for greater destruction in the enemy area.

5 MLRS regiment

It contains multi-launch rocket systems that can fire up to 120 km. it is completely automatic.

159 locating regiment

This regiment has Fired finder radar equipment. The famous SLC-2 belongs to this regiment. It can detect the enemy fired cannon shells in the range of 35 km and can detect the enemy fired rockets in the range of 50 km.

self-propelled artillery M110 203-mm howitzer
self-propelled artillery

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