Many Reasons To Know About T-90 Main Battle Tank-All Time Russian Beast

Russian T-90 Main Battle Tank

This tank and all its higher models are the best in the list of all the Russian tanks. Though, it had few rival tanks from the different countries that can match its capabilities but as the Russians are always best in the production of all kind of the weapons so it can be ranked in the list of top 3 tanks in the world.
As an invention of the 21st century, this tank is fully armed for the protection of the crew and had advanced weapon control systems with excellent target destroying accuracy. As all the nations of the world including Russians always loved the competition among American tanks vs Russian tanks. So, the Russians launched this tank against the American M1 Abrams in 1996.

Why T-90 Is Better Than Others?

This tank is better than its rivals in many things like the speed of locating the target, destroying the target with accuracy and better range to destroy the target from the far distance. All this is due to the advanced technology installed in it.
The completely remote controlled machine gun, the main gun, the guided weapons (missiles and shells) are controlled by the new and the modern fire control system of T-90.

T-90 Tank Protection Specifications

Physically, this T-90 MBT is smaller in height and shorter in length than other tanks. The automatic screening system of T-90 aids it from being hit by the anti-tank missiles.
As far concerned with the armor of the tank, this tank is made of anti-tank ammunition materials. The protection plates do not break even on the explosion of grenades and these plates also reduce the impact of armored piercing weapons. Even the ammunition storage is armored inside the tank. It is powered by 1150 horsepower engine.

Weapons Of T-90

All the versions of T-90 main battle tank series tanks have all the modern weapons which include the 125 mm gun as the main weapon of the tank. Different types of ammunition can be fired from this main gun with the perfection with the barrel bend sensor which was not present in old tanks. This main gun can fire laser-guided anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles from the distance of 5 km away from the enemy. The different Shells for destroying the mechanized infantry can be and high explosive fragmentation shells for destroying bunkers and troops can be launched from this main gun.
The machine gun which is mounted just above the commander cupola is fully remote controlled and can move in different angles. The commander can fire from this machine gun for targeting the enemy troops.

Technology Specs

The independent fire control systems and panoramic sites are provided for both the commander and gunner in T-90 main battle tank. The laser range finder and FLIR sighting systems are the part of the panoramic sites which in turn helps in targeting the enemy precisely through the fire control systems.
The video image processor is also installed on the top-center of the tank.

Russian T-90S main battle tank pic
Russian T-90S main battle tank

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