Most Nations Will Never Be Happy At Safir-74, T-72Z, Type T-72Z Main Battle Tank.Read Why

T-72Z Main Battle Tank

This tank is the first home-made tank of the Iran. With the aim of defending the country from the world, the Iran immediately started to work on the military technology after the revolution. The weapon technology of the America, Russia, and Ukraine tanks helped the Iran to build this new T-72Z main battle tank without getting any support from the foreign countries. The Iran got applaud from the foreign countries due to their innovative capabilities which they just got in 16 years after their revolution in 1979.
It should keep in mind that the T-72Z was originated from Russian T-55 tank, Safir-74 was taken from Russian T-54 tank and Type T-72Z was derived from Chinese Type-59 tank. All of these 3 new tank were gone through the same upgrades. Thus, only T-72Z is discussed below.

Design Specifications

T-72Z is originated from the Russian T-55 main battle tank. This task was given to the Defense Industries Organization for converting T-55 tank to the T-72Z. This tank still has the many features of that of T-55 including the outer design.
This tank is powered by the Ukrainian diesel fuel engine which delivers the power of 780 horse power to it. Unlike modern tanks, this tank has still 4 men crew. The loader still sits in the tank due to the lacking of auto-loader system.

Weaponry And Protection System

The American 105 mm M68 rifled gun is featured as the main gun of T-72Z. This gun replaced the 100 mm cannon of the original T-55 tank. The secondary weapons include the 12.7 mm machine guns for the purpose of destroying low-speed helicopters and the 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun which is used against smaller targets like infantrymen. The Slovenian electronic fire control system is installed for controlling the guns and its ammunition in all the 24 hours of good and adverse weather conditions. The laser range finder can detect the target up to the range of 10 Km. The very important automatic stabilization system installed in the tank enables it to target accurately even when the tank is moving in up and down terrains.
This tank is armored with the home made explosive reactive armor from all the sides of turret and hull for the protection against anti-tank guided missiles. The several layers of composites are also used as the shield in the body of the tank against the projectiles. The smoke grenades chargers are installed on each side of the tank for making the smoke cover in case of deceiving the tank from the enemy hit. It also has a nuclear, biological and chemical protection system.


This tank cannot be matched in technology and performance as compared to the T-90 and M1 Abrams. As these tanks are highly protected by advanced anti-penetration materials, highly modernized fire control system, remotely controlled machine gun and computerized TV cameras. But for a new-born country, it is the very good main battle tank for the self-defense of the country in its territories. The current users of this tank are the Iran itself and the Sudan.

Father of T-72Z tank is the Russian T-55 main battle tank
T-55 tank from which T-72Z was made

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