3 Jobs For Boys As Major Or Captain Doctor In Pak Army After MBBS And BDS

How To Become An Army Doctor In Pakistan After MBBS And BDS

The recruitment of doctors in Pak army during MBBD & BDS and after MBBS & BDS is done by the following ways.

1. As M Cadet During MBBS And BDS 

Pakistan army also inducts those boys; not girls, who are in their final year of MBBS and BDS as M Cadet through Short Service Regular Commission. After selection, these boys continue their study in the respective colleges until the completion of their degrees. After this, these M Cadets go for the military training in the PMA Kakul. On successful completion of training, these M Cadets are inducted as Captain commissioned officers in the Army Medical Corps. This course is announced two times in 2016. Its registration dates were from 4 January to 17 January for First entry and from 19 September to 6 October for Second entry.
There is a bond period of 6 years for such officers with the army with starts after the successful completion of their military training.
M Cadet Course should not be confused with Medical Cadet Course.

2. Jobs For Doctors In Pak Army After MBBS As Captain or Major

There are also jobs for MBBS doctors in Pak army. The boys who have done MBBS from the different government or private medical colleges can also become directly Captain or Major doctors in Pak army through Short Service Regular Commission in the followings ways. The men who had experience of civilian hospitals can also apply.

2a. The boys can become doctors in Pakistan army as General Duty Medical Officers (GDMOs) in Army Medical Corps of the Pakistan army with MBBS degree or an equivalent degree to MBBS. After selection, there will be 6-month training for boys at AMC Center Abbottabad. With the completion of successful training, the boys are commissioned as Captain in the Pak army.

2b. For a very experienced doctor boys, Pakistan army directly offers the rank of Major to them.
The Major is a huge rank if you get it directly. For this purpose, they must possess MBBS with higher postgraduate qualifications i.e. MRCOG, FCPS (Pak), FRCS, MS American boards/certificate or equivalent qualification in the following fields of specialties.
Anesthesiology (HPG)                  
Pathology (HPG)                             
Radiology (HPG)                               
Basic Medicine Sciences               
Surgeon (HPG)

After selection, there will be 6-month training at AMC Center Abbottabad. After successful training, the rank of Major is granted to all boys. But remember Such boys who have MBBS degree along with lower postgraduate degrees like MCPS and various diplomas will be given the rank of Captain.
Both these above courses are announced 2 times in a year for males. For 2016, the registration dates for these courses were from 30 Dec 2015 to 29 Jan 2016 for the first entry and from 25 July to 17 August for the second entry.

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3. Jobs For Doctors In Pak Army After BDS As Captain or Major

The BDS doctors can also apply in Pak army through SSRC.

3a. The boys with BDS can join as General Duty Dental Officer (GDDO). These boys are commissioned as Captain in the Pakistan army.

3b. The BDS boys with higher postgraduate qualifications i.e FCPS (Pak) or equivalent in periodontics only, can apply as Classified Specialists (FCPS) as Major in
(a) Periodontics Qualified 
(b) Orthodontics Qualified 
(c) Operative Qualified 

4. Join Pak Army As Pakistan Temporary Commission Officers (As Captain)

There is also another type of commission which is called Pakistan Temporary Commission (PTC) for boys in Army Medical Corps. This has the same requirement as the above point 2a. These officers also pass out as Captain after 12 weeks of  basic military training at AMC Center Abbottabad but their bond period is 2 years with the army. This type of commission does not come under Short Service Regular Commission.

Doctor Jobs In Pak Army After MBBS And BDS
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