Lieutenant Colonel Shahid Martyred Today While Major Jalal Is Injured

Lieutenant Colonel Shahid And Major Jalal 

Lt Col Shahid and Maj Jalal were coming back from Rawalpindi to Nowshera with the convoy. They were travelling on the motorway. Due to the blockage of motorway with the containers by the government to stop the people for going into the Imran Khan' protest on November 2, both officers stepped down from the vehicle and were on foot to find an alternate route for convoy. But due to night darkness, both fell from road edge into an unsuspecting ditch. 
Lt Col Shahid embraced Shahadat (martyrdom) while Maj Jalal is also seriously injured. Road blocks took another life and that too of soldier near Hazro Interchange.
Major Jalal took part in the PACES competition which was held last week. He was the captain of the team. Pakistan army stood first in the competition. Lieutenant Colonel Shahid was from Army Service CorpsHe was the commanding officer of 52 S&T.

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