2 Reasons Why Pakistan Army Is Killing More Indian Soldiers Easily

Why Pakistan Army Is Killing More Indian Soldiers Easily

From the past 15 years, the world is facing another type of war which was not common before 9/11. This war is called terrorism. In this type of war, the rivals do not fight face to face like that of traditional war. In this war, the enemy is hidden and it fights cowardly by hiding itself. Pakistan is also facing this type of war which has been almost completely neutralized in 2016. But to eliminate this terrorism, many Pakistani civilian and Pakistani soldiers gave their lives. In eliminating this terrorism, Pakistan army experienced itself in fighting terrorism while the US army is still suffering badly in removing terrorism.
Initially, Pakistan army faced much causalities in fighting terrorism. But with passage of time, the tactics and strategies were made in fighting terrorism. Hence in 2016, when the Indian army started war along the Line of Control, they were unaware of the fighting capabilities which Pakistan army got in the past 15 years against fighting terrorists. Now, there are many videos on the internet in which Pakistan army is killing the Indian army easily. In the response, Indian army just martyred a few Pakistani army soldiers. Pakistan army is fully utilizing its war experience against Indian army. Hence, the Indian army is getting large causalities.
Pakistan SSG are hunting the Indian army with ease.

pakistan army vs indian army fight
Pakistan Army Soldiers practicing on the Sniper rifles

Indian Army Cannot Fight Terrorism

As the India army only experienced few hot wars which they too lost to Pakistan, they are totally unaware of how to fight terrorism. You can get better idea how the Indian soldiers fight in 2008 against terrorist and how they fight in Pathankot in 2016. The Indian army took many days to clear the buildings from the terrorists in these two events of terrorism. Even the Special Forces of the Indian military were easily targeted by the terrorist.

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