3 Jobs For Lady Doctors In Pak Army As Captain or Major

Lady Doctors In Pak Army

The Pakistan army lady doctors uniform is Khaki in color and it is like Saree, but it is not Saree. This beautiful attracts the civilian girls and hence there are compelled to search on the internet with different question like Pakistan army female doctors, Pakistan army lady doctors uniform etc. Many girls also search questions about their role in the army and many girls search about how to become an army doctor in Pakistan. Hence, I had decided to make the following post to answer their questions.

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How To Join Pak Army After F.Sc Pre Medical

The girls can become lady doctors in Pak army directly after doing F.Sc pre-medical in the following one way.


Firstly, the girls can become the part of the Pakistan army by joining Army Medical College, Rawalpindi and CMH Lahore Medical College, Lahore. The admission are done with the help of NUMS entry test and the merits are calculated just on the basis of Matric, F.Sc and NUMS entry test marks. The complete details about it can be found out here in point 2. But remember; this is just an admission to study in the college, not for the job. You will not serve in army after the completion of your MBBS and BDS. You have to go through ISSB test after your degree completion if you want to serve in Army Medical Corps.

How To Join Pak Army After MBBS (Not BDS) As Captain or Major

There are jobs for MBBS doctors in Pak army as well as for BDS doctors. The recruitment of female doctors is done through Short Service Regular Commission in the following ways directly as Major or Captain doctor in Pak army.
The ladies who hold the Medical Doctorate degree from different government or private medical colleges can also apply. Those girls who are doing job in civilian hospitals and have experience are also eligible.

2. Those who possess MBBS degree or an equivalent degree to MBBS can become General Duty Medical Offices (GDMOs) in Army Medical Corps of the Pakistan army. After selection, there will be 6-month training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi. On successful training, the rank of Captain is awarded to all girls.

3. For a very experienced doctor girls, Pakistan army directly offers the rank of Major to them.
The Major is a huge rank in the army. For this purpose, they must possess MBBS with higher postgraduate qualifications i.e. MRCOG, FCPS (Pak), FRCS, MS American boards/certificate or equivalent qualification in the following fields of specialties.

Anesthesiology (HPG)                  
Pathology (HPG)                             
Radiology (HPG)                               
Basic Medicine Sciences               
Gynecology (HPG)
Surgeon (HPG)

After selection, there will be 6-month training at AFPGMI Rawalpindi. After successful training, the rank of Major is granted to all girls. But remember Such girls who have MBBS degree along with lower postgraduate degrees like MCPS and various diplomas will be given the rank of Captain.
These course are announced 1 time in a year for females. For 2016, the registration dates for these courses were from 30 Dec 2015 to 29 Jan 2016.

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So there a many ways for all the girls whether they are fresh F.Sc students or experienced doctors. The civilian doctors who join Pak army enjoy the same facilities and salary like other army officers. There were 2 female Generals in Pakistan army, both of these retired as Major generals, and there are now many Brigadiers who are currently serving in the army. Now, girls it is your time to join this prestigious institute.
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