2 Ways For Boys And Girls To Join Army Administered Medical Colleges In 2017

I had received a lot of questions about girls and boys admission in the Army Medical College (Rawalpindi), CMH Lahore Medical College (Lahore), Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (Quetta), CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (Multan), Karachi Institute of
Medical Sciences (Karachi), CMH Institute of Medical Sciences Bahawalpur (Bahawalpur), WAH Medical College (Wah Cantt) and HITECH Institute of Medical Sciences (Taxila), so i decided to make this post which will help you in getting the answers to your questions. But remember, there are two ways for getting into the Army Administered Colleges, one is the Medical Cadet Course and the other is the NUMS test. These both methods are given below.

1. Medical Cadet Course

1a. For Boys

Medical cadet course is for the following 6 colleges.

1. Army Medical College (Rawalpindi),
2. CMH Lahore Medical College (Lahore),
3. Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (Quetta),
4. CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences (Multan),
5. Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences (Karachi) and
6. CMH Institute of Medical Sciences Bahawalpur (Bahawalpur).

The most famous way for boys to join all the above 6 Army Administered Medical Colleges is through Medical Cadet Course. This is a Regular Commission for boys in the Pakistan army. This course is for F.Sc Pre-medical boys, not for girls.

The selection procedure for Medical Cadet Course is same as that of the PMA Long Course. There will be preliminary tests including Written/Intelligence/Personality. After clearing this first test, there will be physical tests and initial medical test. The shortlisted candidates will receive an ISSB interview letter.

The selection procedure for getting admission will be
Preliminary Tests + Physical Tests + Initial Medical Tests + ISSB Interview + Provincial Entry Test (UHS, ETEA,MCAT, NUMS, AJ&K State exam etc) = Selection

Yes, If you want to study from these 6 Army Administered Medical Colleges, then you must have registered / appeared yourself in any fresh provincial entry test as eligible (UHS, ETEA,MCAT, NUMS, AJ&K State exam etc).
Through Medical Cadet course, you can only study the BDS of the Army Medical College, Rawalpindi. The BDS of other 5 colleges does not comes under the Medical cadet course.

On becoming successful, GHQ will issue you the call letter which you will receive at your home. You will be paid 30000 PKR per month by GHQ throughout your 5 years of MBBS or 4 years of BDS. During your stay in college, you will wear Khaki uniform and will be called as Cadet. After this, there will be 6-month training at PMA Kakul. On successful completion of training, you will be awarded the rank of Captain and you will serve in Army Medical Corps for at least 13 years. This period of 13-year is your bond with the army.
For 2017, its online registration was from 05 June to 04 July.

The girls are not admitted through the Medical Cadet Course. Until 2010, the army has recruited girls through this way. The girls had to complete the 13-year bond with Pak army from this method. As Pakistani girls have large family responsibilities on their shoulders besides this army doctor job, so army decided to stop the enrollment of girls through this method in 2011. The girls were being paid 30000 PKR per month by army from this method of enrollment.

Beret Of Cadets Who Join Army Medical College
Pakistan Army Medical College Beret 

2. Through NUMS Test

Up to 2015, the civilian girls and boys (including army brat) had been inducted into Army Administered Medical Colleges through NUST entrance test. But at the end of 2015, these colleges released themselves from NUST and now they come under the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS).
From 2016 onward, the admissions will be held in all these colleges through the NUMS entry test.

NUMS test is valid for the MBBS program of all the following 8 colleges.

Army Medical College, (AM College) Rawalpindi

Affiliated Institutions:
1. CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, Lahore
2. CMH Multan Institute of Medical Sciences, (CIMS) Multan
3. Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences, (QIMS) Quetta
4. WAH Medical College, Wah Cantt
5. CMH Institute of Medical Sciences (CIMS) Bahawalpur
6. HITECH Institute of Medical Sciences, Taxila
7. Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences, (KIMS) Malir Cantt, Karachi

You can take admission in BDS program of just 2 colleges out of 8 above mentioned colleges on the basis of NUMS test. These college are Army Medical College, (AM College) Rawalpindi and CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, Lahore.

Many people write Army Medical College NUST. Write Army Medical College NUMS instead of NUST. The Army Medical College Rawalpindi website is no longer activated and it is taken down from NUST website. If you want to visit, then go to the NUMS official website. The Pak army medical college is located in Rawalpindi on Abid Majeed road. Remember, there are no branches of Army Medical College in Pakistan. A lot of people write army medical college Lahore/Multan/Quetta/ Wah Cantt/Bahawalpur
/Taxila/Karachi. These are not the real names of these colleges. The real names are written above.

2a. Seats For Civilian Girls And Boys

If you are a civilian candidate which means that your father or mother never served in army, then you can take the admission by the following method. The army brat can also apply on these seats but they have to pay full fee as that of civilians.

Admission Guidelines For Civilian Students In Army Medical College (Not other 7 colleges are included)

After the test, you have to apply for getting the admission in AMC through the post between 11 Sep to 29 Sep, 2017. You have to just download the form from the NUMS website and send the documents along with this form through the post.
First and foremost, the NUMS displays the names of all students who apply for the AMC. The First merit list of selected civilian students will be displayed on October 16, 2017. The second and final merit list will be displayed on October 27, 2017.
The admissions of other 7 colleges are also held by applying through the internet or by going to these colleges.

Army Medical College Fee Structure For Civilians

The admission is on self-finance in the AM college, so the tuition fee of AMC Rawalpindi is 183,360 PKR/year for both MBBS and BDS. But for foreign students, it is 10,000$/year. The other charges like admission fee, hostel charges etc are unknown.

The total fee of CMH Lahore Medical College for local students is 831,650 PKR/year. But it is 1,036,059 PKR/year with the hostel. For foreign students, it is 19 lac PKR/year. With hostel charges, it is 21 lac PKR/year.

The fee structure of the other 6 colleges is not known.

2b. Seats For Paying Cadets Of Army Brat (Children Of Military Men/Women)

If you are the daughter or son of retired, late or serving military personnel from Army, Airforce or Navy, then you can get admission in AMC on army brat reserved seats. Such cadets will sign the 3-year bond with the army after passing out. As these are the bonded cadets, so these boys and girls wear the Khaki uniform throughout their degree.

Admission Procedure For Paying Cadets

Such students apply directly to GHQ after taking the NUMS test. The closing merit for paying cadets was around 84% aggregate for both MBBS and BDS in 2016.

Fee Structure For Army Brat

The fee structure of such cadets is half as compared to that of NUMS students because they have a three year bond with the army. The fee is nearly 100,000 PKR/year.

Registration Dates For NUMS Test

NUMS has announced the online registration dates for this test. The registration dates are from 02 July to 31 July, 2017. You can register yourself on the NTS site. The entry test will be conducted on 27 Aug, 2017. The entry test fee is 3000 PKR.
The NUMS Entry Test will be conducted through NTS in following cities:
Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, Karachi,
Hyderabad, Sukkur, Quetta, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit

Test Pattern

The test will comprise of the Multiple choice questions. These MCQs will be from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. The test will have total 180 marks and there will be 20 questions from English, 45 from Physics, 45 from Chemistry and 70 will be from Biology. There will be no intelligence questions in the test. There will be no negative marking in the test. You have to solve these 180 questions in 3 hours and 30 minutes. That's enough time.
The Syllabus for NUMS entry test 2016 is given here. The result of the NUMS test will be announced on the official NTS website.


Army Medical College's selection procedure including the other 7 colleges will be decided on the basis of 50% NUMS entry test marks, 40 % F.Sc or Equivalent degree marks and 10% Matric or Equivalent degree marks. The aggregate marks criteria or merits of foreign students will be different.

Can Foreign Students Apply

The foreign candidates must have passed 12-year education like Cambridge Overseas Higher School Certificate, British General Certificate of Education (Advance Level), American High School Graduation Diploma (9-12th Grade) or any other equivalent qualification with three science subjects of which Biology and Chemistry are essential and minimum 60% cumulative marks or equivalent grade. Instead of NUMS test, the foreign students can apply on the basis of SAT- II examination with the minimum score of 550 in each of three science subjects of which two have to be Biology and Chemistry or they must have passed American MCAT with minimum aggregate score of 24.

Total Seats In AMC

The total number of seats are 270 in the AM college. 150 seats are for Medical Cadet Course, 70 seats are for both male and female civilian NUMS students and 50 seats are for Army Brat (both male and female).

Who Wears Khaki Uniform?

There will be no bond for civilian boys and girls to serve the Pak army after the completion of MBBS and BDS. These civilians boys and girls do not wear the Khaki uniform because they are admitted just with the help of a single entry test. Only cadets of Army Brat and Medical Cadet Course wear the Khaki uniform as described above in Point 2b and Point 1a. But on Friday, the whole college wears the Khaki uniform whether they are bonded cadets or civilian NUMS students.
There is also no height criteria for boys and girls for getting admission through NUMS entrance test.

Army Medical College Hostel

The hostel is called a company in the army language in the AM college. There are hostels for Medical Cadet Course students and Army Brat's students. There are five hostels for male students and two hostels for female students.

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