Reality Of 2nd lieutenant Pay Grade In Pak Army

There are a lot of civilians who are curious about the salary structure of the Pak army officers and some people consider these army officers as Crore Pati (millionaire). But actually, this is not true. Many civilians self-assume and used to speak rubbish things about the salaries of army officers even they had not met any officer in their life. So, I decided to make the following post on the Pak army 2nd lieutenant salary.

Salary Of 2nd Lieutenant In Pak Army

The 2nd lieutenant pay in Pakistan army is round about 25,000 PKR. This is the basic salary. This salary does not include any allowances like hard area, medical allowance etc. By adding the allowances, the gross salary becomes 35,000 PKR. Keeping in view the duties of the second lieutenant, this is not a huge salary. Unlike PMA Kakul, where everything is free for all the cadets even the meal. But as a cadet becomes a second lieutenant, he has to pay the bill for his mess from his pocket. The 2nd lieutenant pay remains same throughout this rank.
The second lieutenant grade in Pakistan is BPS 17. So like any other government officer, there is also a pension for an army officer. As for making pension, some amount is deducted from the second lieutenant salary in Pakistan so that it can be used for making the pension. Same is true with the army soldiers and officers. There is also deduction in the salary. And this deduction is apart from the allowances. No house is given to him. He lives in the army hostels. As 2nd lieutenant cannot marry until he becomes a captain, so he lives in army mess or hostels.

Second Lieutenant Facilities In Pakistan

Free memberships of Golf clubs, Desom clubs are provided to all the army officers. But all the army officers have to pay monthly or annually dues to the clubs. A free servant or batman is available to all officers. He may get 50% discount on his ticket if he travels through PIA or Pakistan railways.
As the 2nd lieutenant gets a promotion to the rank of lieutenant in just 6 months. So, there is no difference between the BPS and the salaries of these two ranks. All the thing are same for both the officers from these two ranks. The little bit difference is in the authority. A senior lieutenant may get a chance to lead a Platoon of 30 soldiers.


Many people think that a second lieutenant gets an official house on rent or a personal house (completely owned by him) from the army. The answer to their thinking is No, No and No.
They are totally wrong. For getting a house you have to serve at least 25 years in the army. After 25 years, if he retires from the army he gets a house. But remember, this is not a free house for him. He had paid for it in the form of deductions from his salary. The deduction in the salary varies and depends on the rank.
If some officer retires after becoming Captain and before gaining the next rank of major then, he will only get some pension. It took 4 years for becoming a captain.
But if he stays in the army for 25 years till he reaches the rank of Colonel, then on retirement he will get a house. But again remember, he has to some more money to get a house apart from those monthly deductions from his salary.

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2nd lieutenant Pay Grade
Second Lieutenant Salary

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