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Pakistan Army Ranks

In the previous article, I have told you about the life of the second lieutenant. The following post covers the life of Pakistani lieutenant. The way they get promoted, their authority, their fitness all are given below.

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Second Lieutenant To Lieutenant

After six months, the second lieutenant gets a promotion. When the second lieutenant (lowest army officer rank) gets promoted, he becomes a lieutenant.  The lieutenant is the second lowest officer rank in Pakistan army. In some countries, the lieutenant is also called the first lieutenant. In Pakistan army, this rank is named as a just lieutenant. All the passing out cadets become the second lieutenant and all the second lieutenants further become the lieutenant. 

Promotion Criteria For Lieutenant 

The lieutenant holds this position for three years in Pakistan army and then becomes a captain. The lieutenant does his military courses during this duration which is the requirement to stay in the army. Almost all the lieutenants become captains except those whose fail to pass the fitness test. The lieutenant performance file goes to the army board which includes higher officials of the army. As the lieutenant works under the captain, so the captain evaluates its performance report and remarks about him before the performance file goes to higher officials of the army board. After reviewing the performance file, lieutenant gets a promotion to captain.

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Lieutenant Failure

The lieutenant who fails in passing the fitness test can delay or stop his promotion in the army because of two reasons. One is that the physical fitness matters a lot beside other courses in the army. The other reason is that the poor physical person should not be the future leader of many soldiers in war operations and should not be the example for other army officers and for civilians. But this does not mean that he is permanently deprived of the promotion. This is just a warning. He can recover himself depends on him and can get a promotion like other good performance officers.

Badge For Lieutenant 

The lieutenant badge contains two squares in which there is "emblem of Pakistan army" or logo. Each square is called pip. So, the lieutenant wears two pips. Also, there is a button on one side of the badge for its attachment with the uniform.

Duties Of Lieutenant

The lieutenant leads a specialized platoon and he acts as the executive officer of the platoon. Each platoon usually consists of 30 to 35 soldiers in the Pak army. The executive officer executes or runs the platoon and he is answerable to the company commander which is a major. The lieutenant is also the helping hand of the company commander. The company consists of four to six platoons. There are round about 140 to 150 soldiers in a company of the Pakistan army infantry. The number of soldiers in a company may vary depends upon the country.

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