Three Brothers Who Are General In Pakistan Army-Hayat Brothers

Yes, Pakistan army got some talented brothers who are currently holding the rank of General and are serving on different positions.
One more interesting thing is that the father of these three brothers is also a retired Major General.

Elder Brother

General Zubair Mahmood Hayat is holding the rank of General. He earned this rank on November 28, 2016 and he is serving as Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee.

Middle One

Lieutenant General Omar Mahmood Hayat is holding the rank of Lieutenant General. He is serving as the Chairman POF, Pakistan Ordnance Factories.

Younger Brother

Major General Ahmed Mahmood Hayat is holding the rank of Major General. He is serving as DG analysis at ISI.
Here are some more pictures of Major General Ahmed Mahmood Hayat.

Hayat Brothers-pakarmyrankscom
Hayat Brothers

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what is the salary rear admiral


don't know exactly. May be around 1.3 lac.


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