Untold Things About Punjab Regiment From Infantry Corps Of Pak Army

Punjab Regiment Of Pak Army

It is the oldest regiment of the Pakistan army and it is the part of Infantry. The word Punjab does not mean that it has only soldiers from the province of the Punjab. This regiment consists of soldiers from all the provinces of the Pakistan.
At the time of independence on 14 August 1947, the Punjab regiment was divided into two groups. The 17 battalions of this regiment became the part of the Pakistan’s army. One of the battalions of the Punjab regiment was awarded the Pakistan flag by Quaid e Azam. This battalion was 10 Punjab regiment.
When this regiment was the part of the British Indian army, it participated in both the World Wars. It also took part in different wars of Asia and Africa at that time.

Beret Of Punjab Regiment

The insignia of the Punjab regiment contains an eagle, which is the sign of bravery and courage, and a star above this eagle. The beret color is light green and every soldier wears the light green feather on the beret.
The Punjab regiment is the only regiment of the Pak army which has gotten the most Nishan e Haider. The total number of the Nishan e Haider for this regiment is 4.

Beret Of Punjab Regiment Of Pak Army
Beret Of Punjab Regiment Of Pak Army

Training Centers

There is a dedicated center for the training of the officers of the Pak army infantry corps. This center is School of Infantry and Tactics. As the Punjab regiment is the part of the Pakistan army infantry, so the officers of this regiment go to School of Infantry and Tactics for their military training.
The regimental center of the Punjab regiment is in the Mardan. The Junior commissioned officers and Non-commissioned officers get their military training in this center along with the officers.

Battalions Of Punjab Regiment

There are many battalions of this regiment. But the prominent battalions are:

15 Punjab regiment

It participated in the 1971 war and make itself proud for the country. Almost one complete company (150 soldiers) of this battalion embraced martyrdom while fighting at the place of Pul kanjri.

27 Punjab regiment 

It is nicknamed as Fateh dahram.

17 Punjab regiment

It is the very famous unit because Major Aziz Bhatti belongs to this unit.

41 Punjab regiment

is called the Allah wali regiment. This unit participated in the 1971 war and fought with bravery and courage. It also participated in the operation Al-Mizan against terrorists. 
This battalion has gotten 1 Sitara e Jurat, 3 Sitara e Basalat, 23 Tamgha e Basalat. 64 soldiers of this battalion got martyred for the beloved homeland of the Pakistan.

Nishan e Haider Winners

1. The regiment participated in the first war of Kashmir against India. The war began after 2 months of Pakistan’s independence. The fights at the places of Chunj and Poonch are the greatest victories of the Pak army. Captain Mohemmed Sarwar was awarded the first Nishan e Haider for his bravery in this war.

2. Major Tufail Mohemmed got the second Nishan e Haider from this regiment when he embraced martyrdom in East Pakistan while fighting against the Indian army.

3. In September 1965, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti from 17 Punjab regiment embraced martyrdom after fighting 5 consecutive days against the Indian army. He was awarded the Nishan e Haider.

4. In December 1971, Lance Naik Mohemmed Mahfuz from 15 Punjab regiment embraced martyrdom and he was awarded the Nishan e Haider.

Other wars

In March 1965, the 3 battalions of this regiment defeated the enemy badly when the Indian army attacked the Pakistan along the Sindh border.

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