2 Biggest Truths About The Infantry Corps Of The Pakistan Army

Pak Army Infantry Corps

Infantry is called the queen of the battle. The infantry is based on the foot soldiers or ground troops.  Without infantry, the war cannot be won. The history of infantry is as old as the war itself. The infantry was the first combat corps in the history of any army in the world. All the armies in the world trained their infantrymen through different exercises. Same is true with the Pakistan’s Infantry.

Why Pak Army Infantry is Best

Though the Pakistan army infantrymen like other army infantries of the world are trained for the wars through the different mock exercises but Pak army infantry goes beyond these mock exercise and fight in the real wars. This made the Pak army unique and better from many infantries of the world due to the following reasons.

1. All Terrain Warriors

The Pakistan army is all terrain warrior. The reason is that the Pakistan army is operating in all the hard terrains of the North-West Pakistan from the past 15 years and now it is fully war trained in the high mountainous areas. Pak army was already the champion of winning the wars in the semi-hilly and desert areas of the Pakistan against its enemy India. But in the wars against terrorism from the past 15 years, it is now the master of winning the wars in the mountainous areas. The North-West terrain of the Pakistan is same as that of the Afghanistan. Even the American and the Russian armies have failed to get the required results in such terrains of the Afghanistan. But Pakistan army made it possible.

2. 100% Output

Unlike military exercises, where soldiers are fully confident that they will not get any injuries and causalities but in real wars against terrorism, soldiers not only make long range battles but also get close quarter battles with the enemies which made them more advanced with the both respects of the war.
Moreover, the wars against terrorism made the Pakistan SSG as the No.1 Special force of the world due to their courageous performance in the hard and mountainous terrains of the North-West area of the Pakistan. The corps of infantry of the Pakistan army has an elite force which is called the Special Service Group, SSG.  

Pakistan army infantry pics
Pak Infantry in hard areas for operation

Training Of Infantry

The cadets of Pakistan military academy are inducted into infantry corps after the passing out parade. The induction of cadets is purely on the basis of merit. And the merit is based on the basis of performance and skills. These young second lieutenants then go the prestigious School of Infantry and Tactics, Quetta. The life of the Pakistani army infantry officer starts from this school.
As far concerned with the military training of the infantrymen, Pakistan army stresses on the physical training of all the soldiers. For this purpose, the assault course is a must for every soldier. Then it comes to the training of military weapons. The gun of an infantryman is his best friend. Different types of weapons like G3 and MP5 are in use of the Pakistan’s army infantry. The soldiers and officers also get the hand to hand combat training.
There are two types of infantry in the Pakistan army. One is light infantry and the other is heavy infantry. The light infantry is equipped with the light weapons such as light machine guns, Ak-47, MP5 while the heavy infantry is equipped with the armored vehicles like APCs. The heavy infantry is also called mechanized infantry.

Pakistan Army Infantry Corps Structure

Almost half of the Pak army consists of the infantry soldiers. They strength of infantry soldiers is around about 200,000. The Pakistan’s infantry is divided into 6 huge regiments from all the provinces of the Pakistan. These 6 regiments are

1) Punjab regiment

2) Northern Light Infantry regiment

3) Frontier Force regiment

4) Baloch regiment

5) Azad Kashmir regiment

6) Sindh regiment

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