The Snowy Lions Of Northern Light Infantry Regiment Of the Pak Army

Northern Light Infantry regiment, NLI

The Northern Light Infantry regiment which is usually written as NLI regiment is the regiment of the lions. The NLI is the part of the Pakistan army corps of infantry. This regiment comprises of mostly the soldiers from the Northern areas of the Pakistan but the officers and soldiers which are from different provinces of the Pakistan are also the part of this sacred regiment. The northern light infantry regiment of the Pakistan army is the guardian of the snowy mountains of the Pakistan. 
This regiment has the honor to fight on the highest battlefields of the world. The Siachen and the Kargil are the highest war places of the world. No country can even imagine of fighting on such high and snowy altitudes. But the NLI regiment of the Pak army had not only made it possible to fight in such places but it also had won the war against its biggest enemy.

Training Centers Of Northern Light Infantry

The regimental center of NLI is in Bunji, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. The officers, junior commissioned officers, and non-commissioned officers get their military training center in this center. This center also becomes the place for the regiment ceremonial days.
The officers, selected JCOs and NCOs go to the School of Infantry and Tactics for different military courses.

Beret Color and Insignia

The beret color of northern light infantry is white and there is white feather which is fixed on the front of the beret. The insignia of NLI contains an antelope (dear with large and curved horns). The antelope is found in large number in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan, so this is the reason for the insignia of NLI regiment.

Beret Of Northern Light Infantry Regiment, NLI Of Pakistan Army
Beret Of NLI Regiment Of Pak Army 

Martyrs Of Pak Army 

The different battalions of this regiment sacrificed their lives for the motherland. Some are given below.

6 NLI regiment

A large number of soldiers of 6 NLI regiment of the Pak army embraced martyrdom when a huge glacier fell on the army post in Gayari sector near Skardu in 2012.

12 NLI regiment

This is the dream regiment for every officer who passed out from the prestigious PMA, Kakul. The reason is that Captain Kernel Sher Khan and Havaldar Lalak Jan belong to this beautiful regiment. This regiment has 120 martyred so far and this regiment is honored with 2 Nishan e Haider, 9 Sitara e Jurat, 1 Sitara e Basalat, 21 Tamgha e Basalat.

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