Last 6-Months Of Training Of Cadets Of Pakistan Army In Kakul Military Academy

PMA Assault Course

Likewise the third term (third 6-months), Assault course also becomes the part of PT training in the fourth term of  Kakul military academy. This course comprises of the different set of hurdles. Hanging with the bar and then run towards the other hurdles liking walking on the ropes, jumping over the ditches etc. The commandant of cadets in PMA is the Major General. He is the head of the institute.

9-Mile Competition In Kakul Military Academy

This is another same exercise from the third term. The 9-mile competition consists of the exercise in which the cadets are required to run 9 miles or 14.5 km under 90 minutes. The weight of 8 kg is also carried by cadets on the shoulders in this exercise.

Acid Test PMA

The acid test is the most difficult in all the PMA exercises. The acid test is used to check the stamina and endurance of the cadets. The cadets undergo long walk of 13.2 km in the hilly areas of Kakul with heavy weights, like logs and bags, on the shoulders. Like every exercise, this exercise has also passing criteria. The passing criterion is 2 hours and 49 minutes. The cadets who complete this exercise within 2 hours and 49 minutes are succeeded in passing this exercise. You can better guess the difficulty of this test from PMA Kakul location.

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Passing Out Drill Preparation

Finally, the cadets get some leisure moments at the end of their 2- year training of Pakistan military training. The last 2 months of the 2-year training consists of passing out parade preparation. But for some cadets, these 2 months are also difficult as they take the passing out drill very hard.

PMA Kakul pics In Kakul Military Academy
Adjutants playing polo in PMA Kakul

Tutorial Discussion

The indoor tutorials are necessary before going to the outdoor exercises. The platoon commander gives the briefing to the cadets about every military exercise. The cadets are also required to participate in the process of briefing.

Academic Clubs

There is a variety of clubs in the PMA Kakul for grooming the cadets. The cadets of third and fourth terms are required to join anyone of these clubs because it is compulsory for them. The academics club includes Camera club, Craftsmen club, Computer club, Fine arts club, Science club and Writer club. The platoon commander is responsible for assigning the clubs to the cadets at the end of the second term.

Outdoor Clubs

For making the healthy body along with the healthy minds, the cadets are also given adventure outdoor exercises in the clubs. Those cadets who want to jump from the planes join the Para club in PMA. The wish of becoming gliders leads the cadets to join the Gliding club. Other clubs in Pakistan military academy are Shikar club, Rifle club, Frogman club, Karate club and many more.

Qiyadat Exercise

This is an important and the last exercise for the cadets in the final term. The cadets in this exercise undergo in the war like environment in which they learn all the military things like an ambush, defense and attack on the enemy. The Qiyadat exercise consists of 13 days.

PMA Kakul Passing Out Parade Preparation

In the last 2 months of the PMA training, the cadets undergo full preparation for the passing out day parade. All the moves done on the passing out parade like PMA oath, receiving of sword of honour from the Chief guest etc are fully practiced before the passing out day. Remember, there is also a golden night before the passing out day in which all the juniors become senior and all the senior become junior for one night. This is the great way for the junior cadets to take the revenge of punishments from the senior cadets. Well, this is the part of PMA traditions and it is enjoyed by both seniors and the juniors.

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