Third 6-Months Of Pak Army Cadets Training In PMA Kakul

Assault Course

Assault course becomes the part of PT training in the third term of PMA Kakul. This course comprises of the different set of hurdles. Hanging with the bar and then run towards the other hurdles liking walking on the ropes, jumping over the ditches etc. The basic purpose of the assault course is the total physical fitness of a cadet.

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9-Mile Competition

The 9-mile competition consists of the exercise in which the cadets are required to run 9 miles or 14.5 km under 90 minutes. The weight of 8 kg is also carried by cadets on the shoulders in this exercise.

Defense And Attack Exercises

The 10 days are especially devoted to this exercise in this term. The cadets learn the defense and attack techniques in this exercise. The natural environment is provided with tanks, artillery and air support for this exercise to the cadets in the Pakistan military academy.

Map Reading Exercise

For becoming a good officer, a cadet must have a strong grip on map reading. Different tasks are given in this exercise to perform. The map reading exercise has a specific passing criterion for the cadets. The cadets have to meet this criterion for passing the map reading exercise tests.

PMA Kakul pics
General Raheel Sharif in Pakistan military academy

Modern Weapons

The need of modern weapons is not only the war requirement but it also checks the abilities and courage of cadets to fire the ammunition with this advanced weapon. The cadets in PMA Kakul learn to fire RPG and other advanced weapons in Pakistan military academy.


This is another exercise in the third term for the cadets so that they can groom their fighting skills in a better way.

T.M Raiders

This exercise is named after the name of very famous Brigadier Tariq Mehmood who embraced martyrdom while jumping from the helicopter. There held a competition among different platoons in this exercise. The platoons compete with each other in the war zone area by making different tactics like hideouts, capturing the cadet of another platoon etc for winning the competition in PMA Kakul.

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