The Lethal Frontier Force Regiment From Infantry Corps Of Pakistan Army

Frontier Force Regiment 

The Frontier force regiment commonly known as FF regiment was the regiment of the Pathans before the independence of the Pakistan. Only Pathans were the part of this force at that time. This force was designed by the British army for the safeguarding of the borders of the North-West Frontier area. But soon after independence, the officers and soldiers from all the provinces of the Pakistan are included in this regiment. The history of FF regiment is full of bravery and courage.
The soldiers of this regiment are usually called by the nickname of PIFFERS.

Training Centers

The FF regiment is one of the huge regiments of the corps of infantry of the Pakistan army. The regimental center of these PIFFERS is in the Abbottabad. All the officers and soldiers go this center for the training purpose.
All the officers and the JCOs and NCOs who performed well are offered different courses in the School of Infantry and Tactics.

Ceremonial Days

This regiment center is also the place for the regiment’s ceremonial days. One of the famous ceremony held at PIFFERS center is Piffer week. As initial Frontier Force regiment had a lot of British soldiers, so there is still a bond of love of these soldiers with the FF regiment. In Pifffer week, get together is held and the memories are revised.

Beret Color

The beret color of FF regiment is dark green.

Frontier Force Regiment Pakistan Army
Beret of Frontier Force Regiment Pakistan Army

Regiment's Martyr

6 FF

Major Shabbir Sharif and Major Mohemmed Akram belong to this battalion of FF regiment. Both these officers set the example of bravery in the war of 1971. In their, both of these officers were awarded the highest gallantry award of Pakistan, the Nishan e Haider.
General Raheel Sharif was the part of this brave battalion.

34 FF

This is known as Raiders battalion. This battalion had participated in the 1971 war with bravery and courage. It also participated in the operation Al-Mizan against terrorists.  34 soldiers of this battalion gave their lives for the Pakistan.

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