6 Dangerous Pakistan Army Engineers Equipment From Corps Of Engineers

Pak Army Corps Of Engineers

This is the corps of the Pak army which deals in the civil engineering. The corps of engineers provides support and service to its allied forces like mechanized infantry and armoured corps. In this way, the infantry and armored corps can fight in an effective way with the help of engineers. Because of this, Corps of engineers is also called sappers.
This corps also helps in the surviving of its allied soldiers during the time of war by providing shelters, water etc.

Motto Of Corps Of Engineers

The motto of Pak army corps of engineers is Roh e Rawan. As the motto says that the purpose of corps of engineers is to keep the flow of its allied vehicles and soldiers forward to the defensive posts and to the enemy territory. 

Beret Color

The beret color of corps of engineers is dark blue.

Pak Army Engineers Corps Beret
Pak Army Engineers Corps Beret

Training Centers

Though the engineering skill is the main purpose of engineers and operators but the officers and soldiers of this corps are also trained to fight like infantry.
The Engineers Center Risalpur is responsible for teaching engineering skills to the soldiers of Pak army. The soldiers also get the military training here in this center.
The officers get their engineering degree from the Military College of Engineering. After completing their degree period, they go to the PMA Kakul for the military training.

War Time

When it comes to settle the mines in the ground, only corps of engineers dares itself for this work. And when to come to find the enemy deposited mines, only this corps put its life in danger.
Besides this, the making of infrastructures like bridges over the trenches or rivers during the war time can be done in few minutes with the help of these engineers.

Peace Time

The corps of engineers of the Pak army also keeps itself busy on different projects during the peace time. These projects may include the making of roads in the plain and mountain areas of the Pakistan. The best of bests highway "Karakorum highway" is the result of the skills and the hard work of corps of engineers.
When the Pakistan faces calamity from earthquakes or floods, then this corps comes in action for the people of its country.

Pakistan Army Engineers Equipment

AM 50 bridge

 This vehicle is used for putting down its bridge on the dry trenches and canals. This can also be used on large water trenches. This helps the armored vehicles to move forward in very few minutes.

Armored vehicle-launched bridge

This bridge is located on the M47 armored vehicle-launched bridge. This bridge is used for the crossing of the vehicles over small trenches and canals. This vehicle can put down its bridge within 8 minutes.

Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge (AVLB) Is Pakistan Army Engineers Equipment
armored vehicle-launched bridge, AVLB

Mine protected clearance vehicle buffalo

This latest machine is equipped with the video cameras and explosives devices that can make the IEDs and explosives useless in a very effective way.

Troll Anti-Mine

This weapom is a purely anti-mine vehicle that can detect the presence of mines that are settled by the enemy in the ground.

Assault track way vehicle

This automatic track vehicle can help it allied vehicles like tanks and mechanized infantry in the marshy and muddy areas where this vehicle can put down its track on these marshy and muddy areas for the further movement of its allied vehicles.

Vehicle Ribbon Bridge

This is purely a floating bridge can it is used for crossing the tanks and vehicles forward to the enemy line. This vehicle is capable of putting down its ribbon bridge on the large rivers and canals. A bridge of 100 meters can easily be set in 1 hour.

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