Competitor Of Leopard 2 - Al-Khalid II Main Battle Tank From Armored Corps Of Pakistan Army

Al-Khalid II Main Battle Tank

This is the Pakistan’s main battle tank which is built by the Pakistani engineers in collaboration with the Chinese engineers. Only the upgraded model of Al-Khalid family, Al-Khalid II, is discussed here because it has the improved and all the previous features of its family.
This tank is born from the Russian T-54 tank and the Chinese NORINCO Type 90-II tank. This tank joined the armored corps of the Pakistan army in 2001. All the three main qualities of the modern tank are the part of the Al-Khalid i.e. firepower, mobility, and protection. As the Al-Khalid tank was made in cooperation with the Chinese engineers, so the Chinese also called it MBT 2000.


Like the many modern tanks of the world, the sitting plan is same in the Al-Khalid II tank with the driver sitting in the hull, gunner and commander sit under the turret. Physically, this tank is not heavier like that of the conventional tanks. It has a powerful stabilization system that enables it to operate even in the rough terrains.
Al-Khalid II tank is fitted with the Ukrainian diesel engine which delivers the power of 1500 horsepower to this beast.

Protection System

This tank is armored with the latest composite armor materials and is highly protected by the anti-gun round materials. For more protection, this tank is shielded with the explosive reactive armor for the purpose of reducing the explosion of the grenades. The external protection also includes the smoke grenade launchers which are installed on both sides of the turret of the Al-Khalid II for the purpose of shielding the tank with the smoke in the time of enemy attack.
It also has a threat activation system against the anti-tank missiles. As the anti-tank missiles are guided by the laser, its threat activation system jammed these lasers and thus can prevent the tank from being destroyed by the anti-tank missiles.


The 125 mm smooth bore gun is the main weapon of the Al-Khalid II tank which can fire different types of the ammunition rounds in large number. The secondary weapons are the 2 machine guns. One is the 12.7 mm externally mounted machine gun which is used by the commander for targeting the low-speed helicopters and the second 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, which is automatic, is used against the smaller targets like the foot troops.

Technology Specifications

Al-Khalid II main battle tank contains all the advanced technology in its interior. The night vision system is achieved by the  thermal image sensor and the thermal intensifiers. In the interior, it is fitted with the advanced fire control system that can target accurately with all the Al-Khalid II weapons up to the range of 3.5 km. With the addition of the computerized thermal image systems and different sensors, this tank can detect the target from 7 km away from the enemy area. The commander and gunner both have separate laser range finder in the panoramic sites. The targeting by the gunner and the searching of the next target by the commander both can be done simultaneously. The automatic targeting tracking system installed in the Al-Khalid helps in delivering the ammunition accurately even when the target is moving or the tank itself moving.

Mother of Al-Khalid tank is Russian T-54 main battle tank
T-54 main battle tank

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