The Black Lizard - The Secrets Of Harbin Z-19 From China

Harbin Z-19-The Black Lizard

The Chinese engineers derived this helicopter from the Z-9W and now it is in the service of Chinese army aviation. 
Though the Chinese engineers fully worked on this helicopter in giving it the latest technology and made it the competitor of Apache and Havoc, but I think the Chinese have ignored this helicopter from a beauty point of view.


Like Apache and Havoc, Z-19 can do both the reconnaissance and attack operations. It can coordinate with the fellow aircraft and ground troops during the operation. It also has an infrared suppressing system for the defense purpose against the guided missiles.
The Chinese are selling this helicopter to their customers under the name of WZ-19.


The physical feature of this helicopter includes a fan type tail rotor with the four-blade main rotor. There are 3 fixed wheels under the helicopter's body for its safer landing and takeoff.
It is a tandem seat helicopter with the simple design cockpits. Both the cockpits are safeguarded under the same roof but have different doors. The cockpits are armored and the both pilots are provided with the night vision goggles during night missions. The pilots seats are fitted with some system that helps in their safety during emergency landing time. It can operate in every kind of adverse conditions.

Avionics Technology

It also has a pointed nose under which different equipment like thermo graphic camera and forward looking infrared camera are mounted for imparting it the latest technology. The pilot is provided with the monocle directly on the eye that helps him in viewing the targets without even looking the front instruments.


The weapons make the helicopter more beautiful. It can carry a variety of ordnance which includes anti-tank missiles, air to air missiles, rockets and machine gun. It can target the enemy from 6 km away.

Chinese Harbin Z-9C helicopter
Chinese Harbin Z-9, the mother of Z-19 helicopter

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