Surprise From Ukraine To World - T-84 Oplot-M Main Battle Tank

T-84 Oplot-M

This is the latest tank in the series of T-84 tanks and is developed by the Ukraine. Before this model, there was the T-80UD model of tank. With the passage of time, many improvements were done on the T-80UD which resulted in a T-84. From T-84, Oplot-M version of T-84 tank was derived.
There are two best models of tanks in the T-80 series and T-84 series of Ukrainian tanks, the T-80UD and T-84 Oplot-M respectively.
T-80UD had done a great business as compared to T-84. T-80UD is currently in service in many countries including the Russia.

T-84 Oplot-M Armament

The main gun of the Oplot-M is a 125 mm smooth bore gun. The auto-loader is installed in the tank which helps in the automatic loading of the ammunition and missiles. The anti-tank and other ammunition can be fired through this gun. The firing range of the anti-tank missiles is 5 km. But during night time, when the tank relay just on the thermal sighting system; the firing range decreases to 1.5 Km because the identification of the target through thermal sighting system reduces to 2 km. Combat guided missiles are specially designed for this tank which is used against the composite armor and Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) tanks.
Other weapons include the two fully remotely controlled machine guns which fire ammunition. One machine gun is mounted on the gunner side and the second one is on the commander side.

Design Specifications

This tank was designed to meet the challenges of very rough terrain, day-night missions and weather conditions. And when it was tested, it met the required challenges. It can operate in the temperature range of -40 to +55 degree Celsius. It can also operate in the water trenches.
The sitting plan is conventional inside the tank with the driver sits in the front of the tank under the hull while the turret covers the seats of both the commander and the gunner.
It is powered by the diesel engine. This engine delivers the maximum power of 1200 horsepower.
This tank is equipped with the Explosive Reactive Armor for the protection of the vehicle against high explosives like grenades and the threat activation system against the deadly anti-tank guided missiles. Composite armor consists of ceramic layers and armor sheets for protection against the small rounds. The protected armor can withstand the explosion of 10 kg TNT.


Like the other main battle tanks, this tank has the latest day and night thermal sighting system for both the commander and gunner. The information which appears on the sighting system helps the fire control system in pinpoint firing at the target whether the tank is moving or stationary.
With the help of separate panoramic sites, both the commander and gunner can do surveillance in 360 degrees and engage the target individually.
The communication devices which are installed in the tank helps the commander to communicate with other tank and helicopters within the range of 50 Km. The range can be increased by the use of the antenna.

Ukraine got independence in 1990 from the Russia. Hence, To built such a tank which is the competitor of M1 Abrams is really surprising and appreciating for such a new country.

T-84 Oplot model tank pic
T-84 Oplot model

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