Only 70% Of The Army Officers Become Lieutenant Colonel In Their Army Career

Lieutenant Colonel

Approaching to this rank is the longest period for an army officer in the Pakistan army.
Most people retire before gaining this rank because it takes 10 years for a person to become a lieutenant colonel from a major. The 10 years of consecutive performance and military courses helps the major to attain this rank. Approaching to this rank is the longest period for an army officer in the army. If someone does not perform well, then it might take 13 to 15 years to become the lieutenant colonel. So, mostly people retire as a major and seek jobs in other organization.

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Commanding Officer

The lieutenant colonel is the commander of the battalion of infantry corps of the Pakistan army. He is usually called the Commanding Officer (CO). In armored corps and the artillery, the regiment and battalion are the same things. Hence, the commander of the regiment may be the colonel or may be the lieutenant colonel. While in infantry corps, regiment consists of 2 or more battalions. And the regiment is led only by the colonel in the infantry.
Mostly battalion consists of nearly 600-900 soldiers in infantry corps. These soldiers are divided in 4 to 6 companies in a battalion. But the armored corps regiment has 4 squadrons. A company is called squadron in armored corps.
These companies and squadrons are liable to the battalion commander. As the CO, the lieutenant colonel is polite to his battalion members but when it comes to the leave application, he may be the cruel king for his lower rank officers and soldiers.

Battalion Function

The battalion function is same anywhere in the world. It is highly trained in its specific field which is able to do any operation independently. For example, the foot infantry battalion is specific in capturing the enemy area while fighting with small arms like guns and machine guns. The battalion of armored corps is specific in destroying the larger targets while fighting with the tanks.

Battalion Numbers

Let's take an example of the Punjab regiment from the corps of infantry. This regiment consists of 76 battalions. These battalions are numbered from 1 to 76. The battalion name is written as
1 Punjab regiment, 17 Punjab regiment etc. The number shows the battalion number of the Punjab regiment.

Badge of CO

In Pakistan army, the lieutenant colonel like its lower ranks wears the badge of its regiment at the end of the shoulder. The insignia contains a crescent and one pip.

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