PMA Kakul Passing Out Parade 2016 October

PMA Kakul Passing Out Parade 2016, 135 Long Course is not Passed Out

Sadly, the 135 PMA Long Course is not passed out today. It will pass out in April, 2017. After every six months, a Long Course passes out from the academy. But for the first time in the history, a Long Course will pass out after a year and that will be in April, 2017.
35th Graduate Course along with 28th Technical Graduate Course and 53rd Integrated Course were passed out today from the Pakistan military academy. Another batch of successful second lieutenants is going to be the part of the Pakistan army. About 300 cadets from these courses are commissioned in the Pak army today. The Pakistan military academy passing out parade held today on October 15, 2016. Course Under Officer Umar was awarded with COAS Cane for being over all best cadet of 35 Graduate Course.
Soon, these young lieutenants and captains are going to their units/regiments. This reminds me of PTV drama Alpha Bravo Charlie. When the young 2nd lieutenants Faraz, Kashif and Gulsher went to their units, they were fooled by their unit officers. But all this is the part of the Pak army traditions. Same is going to happen with the today’s passing out parade cadets.

PMA Kakul Pics And Video

You must have seen the PMA Kakul punishment pics in which the cadets are getting punished in different ways. After getting PMA Kakul punishments, these young boys are going to miss these academy punishments. And these moments will become the part of their memories. 
You can read about the PMA Kakul punishments here. You can read more about the life and responsibilities of Second Lieutenant here. If you want to know how much a 2nd lieutenant pay is in a month, read it here. Watch the Pak army passing out parade video of cadets on at the end of this post.

PMA Kakul Passing Out Parade
Major Hassan leading the PMA Kakul Passing Out Parade

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